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CyberPro-High-speed Packet Capture

The CyberPro is a portable all-in-one appliance for high-speed packet capture, IoC event alerting, BPF filter event triggering, and a fully integrated analytics workflow


The CyberPro is a portable all-in-one appliance for high-speed packet capture, IoC event alerting, BPF filter event triggering, and a fully integrated analytics workflow: extracted PCAPs automatically stream to a collection of open source packet analysis software tools.

It is an ideal tool for jobs like network performance monitoring, cyber forensics, compliance enforcement, lawful intercept, packet data analytics, and many more.

If you are a field technician, IT/ InfoSec specialist, or network engineer tasked with keeping modern digital IP networks up and running, and fully protected, just grab CyberPro as you head out to do on-site diagnostics, plug into the network with no disruption to running operations, and start analyzing.

CyberPro is exactly the appliance you need to rapidly expose malicious cyber intruders or discover the root cause of critical network performance anomalies. Arrive on-site with CyberPro and you are sure to be the hero!

Features Include:


  • 3 configurations for lossless packet capture: 1-3Gbps, 3-6Gbps, 10Gbps
  • Simultaneous PCAP search
  • Automated streaming data workflow for PCAPs into open source Wireshark and Security Onion
  • Active Triggers: real-time, dynamic, user-defined
  • RFC anomaly logging
  • File download hash logging
  • Multi-protocol event/metadata logging
  • Extract PCAPs with a single click from the Indicators of Compromise (IoC) event log
  • Unified Web GUI to manage your PCAPs and your entire cyber investigation
  • “Open PCAP” for easy sharing of packet data with external third party applications

CyberPro appliances are affordable packet forensics solutions, starting as low as GBP £13,500 for the system, software, and carrying case. Rugged cases are also available.


Real-Time Analytics Features:

• Open up to 5 simultaneous “Active Triggers”, for targeting critical events using a BPF+ descriptor. Adjust them dynamically.
• RFC anomaly logging, session and connection logging, and UID event correlation.
• HTTP, FTP, GridFTP logging
• File hash logging, for data exfiltration.

Packet Capture Features:
• Continuous lossless packet capture, with configurations up to 10 Gbps, into a rolling FIFO capture store. A separate extraction store retains PCAP file query results.
• 4-tuple indexing in real time — IP address source/destination, port source/destination — with time stamping as low as 150 nanoseconds
• PCAP compression in real time — Overall storage amplification up to 20x (depending on % of captured traffic that is SSL or video)
• Search PCAP data from a convenient web GUI, using easy BPF+ descriptors, immediately streaming the results from capture store to persistent extraction store.

CyberPro's Web Gui and Post Processing Features:

Drive your investigation workflow from CyberPro’s PCAP web GUI. You control the capture operations, check a scrolling event log, and quickly route any PCAP data to your favorite third party packet analytics tools.

Single-click to extract PCAPs for any logged event. No waiting for critical PCAPs! CyberPro streams PCAP search query results in small chunks, so you immediately start processing PCAP extractions.

Use Active Triggers and real-time analytics to rapidly direct critical PCAP data for post-processing, using any of multiple third-party open source DPI software packages, conveniently pre-installed and ready-to-use within CyberPro.

CyberPro’s built-in PCAP streaming means that no third-party software will “choke” on too much data throughput during PCAP post-processing.

CyberPro is exactly the cyber-tool you need to quickly uncover the malicious cyber-intruder or discover the root cause of critical network performance anomalies. Grab CyberPro, rush to the target site, and let CyberPro help you be the hero!

CyberPro Capture Engine

CyberPro Brochure
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