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Ixia IxNetwork for Network Topology Testing and Traffic Analysis

Protocol Analysis & Testing

Ixia IxNetwork

Application Performance and Security Resilience Solutions to validate, secure, and optimize physical and virtual networks. Threat Inteligence Testing , IP testing, LTE Testing, Network Traffic Emulation

Network Topology Testing and Traffic Analysis
As networks converge into a single network infrastructure that is used to carry voice, video, data, and wireless traffic, it is critical to use leading-edge test systems to assess functionality, scale, and performance. IxNetwork provides wire-rate traffic generation with service modeling that builds realistic, dynamically-controllable data-plane traffic. IxNetwork offers the industry’s best test solution for functional and performance testing by using comprehensive emulation for routing, switching, multi-protocol label switching (MPLS), IP multicast, broadband access, authentication, carrier Ethernet, data center bridging (DCB), and software defined networking (SDN) protocols. IxNetwork scales to handle the most powerful devices and largest networks.

IxNetwork offers the customization and flexibility to meet the wide range of requirements necessary for testing complex network topologies with thousands of network devices. It emulates millions of routes and reachable hosts and can customize millions of traffic flows to stress data plane performance. Powerful graphical user interface (GUI) wizards and grid controls allow simplified creation of sophisticated traffic flows. Its enhanced real-time analysis and statistics are capable of reporting comprehensive protocol status and detailed per-flow traffic performance metrics.

Ixia IxNetwork for Network Topology Testing and Traffic Analysis

Service Modeling at Internet Scale
•Emulate ultra-high-scale network topologies
•Track up to 4 million flows
•Generate deterministic traffic profiles and control each profile dynamically
•Generate real-world application traffic over emulated networks
•Apply network impairments such as delay, jitter and loss
•Scale up to 600 test ports per session

Rapid Isolation of Service ViolationsIxia IxNetwork for Network Topology Testing and Traffic Analysis Advanced Traffic Wizard
•Debug difficult problems quickly
•Monitor total service quality
•Drill-down to traffic class statistics

Simple Workflow
•Collaborate on, share, and re-use port, traffic and protocol configurations
•View statistics alongside protocol and traffic configuration for instant feedback
•Make quick adjustments based on color-coded indicators of protocol and traffic status
•Improve productivity with context-sensitive help ribbons
•Device-based protocol configuration enables fast configuration of large, complex topologies

Complete End-to-End System Automation
•Easily run repeatable, unattended test sessions
•Capture and replay GUI actions using Macro Recorder
•Build test scripts that include configuration of your device under test

Other Key Features
•Easy-to-use protocol and traffic wizards emulate complex networks with the widest selection of layer 2 (L2) and L3 protocols and traffic profiles
•Dynamic traffic support, with the ability to change rate and frame size on the fly, and dynamically-updated MPLS and PPP traffic without stopping and restarting
•Advanced measurements, including four latency modes, delay variation (jitter), inter-arrival time, sequence checking, misdirected packets, packet loss duration, and Rx rates
•Streamlined workflow that exposes all configuration options in context-sensitive ribbons and contains an overview summary of ports, protocols, and traffic with detailed views
•Collaborative resource management with Resource Manager – divide and conquer large, complex test topologies, compare resource versions and configuration changes, merge resources with easy-to-use wizards
•Statistics viewer providing summary-level, group-level, and per-flow statistics with sophisticated results filtering and sorting powered by Flow Detective™, enabling real-time analysis
•Virtual server and cloud testing through virtual test ports
•Quickly and easily record interactions with IxNetwork and save these recordings as tests for later use with Macro Recorder
•Multi-field ingress tracking to track flows based on multiple user-defined fields
•Multi-egress tracking provides a unique ingress/egress results view that compares sent traffic with received traffic, so as to accurately verify what DUT packet field modifications; QoS remarking is easily verified
•Ability to add custom formulas in any statistics view
•Powerful reporting with one-click report generation, data analysis, custom report and template builds, customizable charts and graphs, in PDF or HTML formats
•QuickTests for industry-standard test methodologies, including RFCs 2544, 2889, and 3918, and ITU-T Y.1564
•Easy one-click TCL, HLTAPI, or HLPAPI automation using ScriptGen, with complete API support – providing complete automation of IxNetwork functions

IxNetwork on IxVMIxia IxNetwork for Network Topology Testing and Traffic Analysis Protocol Configuration Wizard

IxNetwork builds large-scale emulated network and complex traffic topologies using real-world routing and switching. IxNetwork's large library of L2-3 protocols allows advanced testing of multicast scenarios using IGMP, convergence testing for measuring outage duration during live migration, and LACP.


IxNetwork emulates a wide variety of protocols using Ixia's CPU-based test port. Each test port supports an independent multi-core CPU running protocol emulations under a Linux operating system. Using the IxNetwork test application, each Ixia test port is capable of emulating thousands of routers or bridges with millions of reachable networks and hosts. Users can easily scale the size of emulated topologies by adding additional test ports. Combined with line-rate traffic generation and QoS measurement capabilities, the CPU-based load modules verify advertised topologies and networks for reachability and QoS performance.

Ixia IxNetwork for Network Topology Testing and Traffic Analysis Multi-Field ingress tracking
IxNetwork supports sophisticated traffic generation that is tightly integrated with the control-plane protocols.

•Basic Traffic Wizard, Advanced Traffic Wizard, and Quick Flow groups support simple to complex traffic creation
•Generate up to 4 million trackable flows
•Configure up to 16,000 unique Flow Groups – each supporting a unique transmit profile
•Up to 4,096 hardware streams per port
•Learn and bind up to 4 million MPLS labels
•Change frame rate and frame size on the fly
•Update MPLS and PPP traffic dynamically, without having to stop and restart traffic

Traffic Wizard Features



Traffic Types

IPv4, IPv6, MPLS multi-labels, Ethernet, VLAN, provider bridges (Q-in-Q), provider backbone bridges (MAC-in-MAC), frame relay, ATM, PPP, HDLC, L2 MPLS VPN (including FR and ATM to Ethernet PWE3 Internetworking), L3 MPLS VPN, VPLS, 6PE, 6VPE, multicast, multicast VPN

Source/Destination Ports Mapping

One-to-one, many-to-many, fully meshed

Routes Mapping between Peer Ports

One-to-one, fully meshed

Flow Grouping

Build flow groups based on packet content (e.g., QoS or VLAN ID)

Traffic Profile

Frame size

Fixed, increment, random, IMIX, custom IMIX, Quad Gaussian distribution, auto


percent line rate, packets/sec, L2 bit rate (bps, Bps, KBps, MBps)

Payload pattern

Increment byte/word, decrement byte/word, random, custom


TOS, DSCP, IPv6 traffic classes, 802.1p, MPLS EXP


Traffic supports gratuitous ARP - auto Re-ARP on cable re-connect

Dynamic Fields

MPLS and PPP - update corresponding traffic packets on the fly when control plane information changes

Packet Error Injection


Per-Flow Traffic Tracking

Single or multi-field tracking of any field including: QoS (TOS/DSCP), VLAN, source MAC address, destination MAC address, source IP address, destination IP address, MPLS label, MPLS flow descriptor, streams, Src/Dst IP pair, Src/Dst MAC pair, custom packet tracking

Real-Time Flow Filtering and Flow Detective

Real-time filtering of flows based on tracking settings with user defined criteria. Single out best/worst performing flows based on Rx count, min/max/average latency, timestamp, real-time packet loss using sequence, identify dead flows

Packet Editor

Edit packet header fields and payload

Header field value editing

Increment, decrement, list, user defined, default, link/unlink with other header fields

Add tracking

Track user defined traffic flows

Payload editing

Increment byte/word, decrement byte/word, repeat, fixed, user defined

Custom editing

Add or insert additional layers of protocols

Traffic Measurements




Track Tx frames, Rx expected frames, Rx frames, Rx bytes frame delta loss %


Tx frame rate, Rx frame rate, Rx rate (bps, Bps, Kbps, Mbps)


Store and forward, cut-through, MEF frame delay, forwarding delay

Delay Variation (Jitter)

Delay variation measurement (jitter) minimum, average, maximum

Inter-Arrival Time

Inter-arrival minimum, average, maximum


Small error, big error, reverse error, last sequence number, duplicate frames, sequence gaps

Time Stamps

First and last timestamp per flow

TrueView™ Convergence

Control plane and data plane integrated time stamping for calculating convergence measurements

Packet Loss Duration

Estimated time without received packets calculated by frames delta at the expected Rx rate

Misdirected Packets

Per-port based count of packets not expected on a Rx port

Late Packets

Per-flow count of packets that arrived late; user-defined threshold for late packets

Re-Ordered Packets

Per-flow count of packets that were received out of order

Duplicate Packets

Per-flow count of duplicate packets that were received

In-Order Packets

Per-flow count of packets that were received in order

Ixia IxNetwork for Network Topology Testing and Traffic Analysis Overview - Data Sheet
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