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Stinga NGN Monitor

Protocol Analysis & Testing

Utel Stinga NGN Monitor

A protocol analyzer for real-time monitoring, decoding, and statistics in IP networks. Protocol analysis, Call Detail Record (CDR) generation, error tracking, network surveillance, network maintenance, and more...

For network providers this is a vital tool in delivering high Quality of Services (QoS).

Stinga NGN Monitor
Next Generation Networks (NGN) handle complex systems and services such as voice, video, and data applications. With multiple services, more network traffic, and high customer expectations for quality, keeping up in the agile environment is challenging for network providers. In a competitive market monitoring network signals, protocols, behaviour, and QoS is more important than ever.

  • Resolve your network issues before anyone notice
  • Better control of own networks
  • Efficient monitoring tool
  • Improves Quality of Service
  • Easy-to-use
  • Fraud detection
  • Billing and accuracy verifications

STINGA NGN Monitor helps network providers to meet new challenges. Monitoring networks with STINGA Protocol Monitors give network providers a true assessment of network signals and performance. These detailed network data are useful in terms of becoming more proactive, gain better control over own networks, and ensuring the network is delivering on its premises. The monitored data can work as a basis for network planning, analysis of customer experience, protocol analysis, and network surveillance etc.

The Call Detail Record (CDR) generator makes it easy to create custom reports and statistics for executives. These reports give a more functional overview of network data and makes it easier to do network planning and maintenance. It also becomes easier to resolve network problems and protocol irregularities with STINGA NGN Monitor. And, when monitoring in real-time, issues can be resolved before anyone notice.

The key features of the STINGA NGN Monitor product are:

• Real-Time Monitoring
• Real-Time Decoding
• Monitoring NGN protocols at Ethernet interfaces
• Supported protocols are decoded down to detailed level
• Messages are decoded in a very user friendly manner
• Supporting national protocol variants
• Hex decoding: Hex messages imported from other systems are fully decoded
• Call Trace view based on Call Detail Records (CDRs) for SIP, H.248/Megaco and SS7oIP
• Quality of Service (QoS) reports based on SS7oIP CDRs (SS7 carried by M3UA, M2UA or SUA)
• A powerful CDR search engine is included
• Expandable to NGN simulation
• CDR Builders
• Runs on standard PCs with Windows and an Ethernet interface (no custom hardware needed)

The STINGA NGN Monitor application support the following protocols:

•H.323 (H.225.0)
•UMTS Nb, Iub, Iur, IuCS: ALCAP
?BICC (ITU, UK) - Bearer Independent Call Control
?TUP (ITU, Chinese ITU) - Telephone User Part
?IUP (British Telecom TUP)
?SSUTR2 (French TUP)
?SCCP (ITU, ANSI, Japan TTC) - Signalling Connection Control Part
?TCAP (ITU, ANSI) - Transaction Capabilities Application Part
?INAP - Intelligent Network Application Part:
¦Core INAP
¦Ericsson Core INAP
¦Alcatel Core INAP
¦Siemens INAP: SINAP5 and SINAP7
¦Ericsson INAP CS1+
¦Alcatel INAP CS1+
¦British Telecom INAP CS1+
¦Ericsson Light Weight INAP
?MAP - Mobile Application Part
?SMS - Short Message Service
?CAP - CAMEL Application Part
?GSM and CDMA A-interface:
¦BSSAP - Base Station System (BSS) Application Part
¦BSSMAP - BSS Management Application Part
¦DTAP - Direct Transfer Application Part
¦MM - Mobility Management
¦RR - Radio Resource
¦CC - Call Control
¦GPRS Mobility Messages
¦GPRS Session Management Messages
?Supplementary Services

Support for new protocols and protocol versions are added continuously, so please contact Utel Systems if you don't find the protocols of interest. Other protocols and national protocol variants are also implemented on customer requests.



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