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Ixia BreakingPoint VE Virtualized Application and Security Resilience Testing

Application Assurance

Ixia BreakingPoint™ Virtual Edition (VE)

Application Performance and Security Resilience Solutions to validate, secure, and optimize physical and virtual networks. Threat Inteligence Testing , IP testing, LTE Testing, Network Traffic Emulation

In today's world of crippling cyber attacks and dynamic applications, organizations need to know that their networks are secure enough to handle the worst that cyber criminals can throw at them. But even with spending on security technologies at an all-time high, how confident are you in vendor decisions and the security architecture you are implementing? High-fidelity testing can replace guesswork-based uncertainty with fact-based confidence.

BreakingPoint Virtual Edition (VE) provides enterprise IT departments with the same high-fidelity, real-world testing that security vendors and leading service providers use to ensure network security resilience – now in an elastic deployment model that makes sense for their business.

Ixia BreakingPoint VE Virtualized Application and Security Resilience Testing Best of Show 2015

Build strong networks you can rely on by using BreakingPoint VE’s cost-effective, elastic, and sharable virtualized test capabilities to maximize security investments and optimize network performance:

  • Ensure network security resilience with added realism and scale (290+ apps, 3000+ prebuilt Superflows, 36,000+ security elements) so you can move beyond simple functional testing of technologies and networks to determine how they will perform in advance of going live to ensure successful application and security rollouts
  • Enable faster and more flexible testing with unrestricted licenses that scale from entry-level to high-performance assessment and provide the flexibility of 1Gbps increments starting at under £10K annual subscription

Reduce cost and achieve better ROI for IT projects using virtualization and industry-standard hardware platforms, and data-driven competitive proof of concepts that maximize IT investments

Virtualized Application and Security Resilience Testing

  • Elastic-Scale Performance
    • In increments of 1G capabilities up to 96 virtual ports
    • vController supports vBlades deployed across multiple physical hosts
    • vBlades (virtual blades) configurable with up to 8 test interfaces per blade
    • up to 12 vBlades per vController / up to 96 virtual test interfaces

  • VMware ESX/ESXi 5.5 hypervisor support
  • Simple OVA deployment model
  • HTML5 user interface and Restful API support for vBlades deployment

  • Licensing Features
    • Floating, annual subscription license sold in 1Gbps increments, unlocks all supported features during active subscription term
    • Elastic licensing model allows functional tests and performance tests
    • Flexibility to quickly and easily move licenses between virtualized environments

  • Real-World Applications
    • 290+ application protocols
    • 3,000+ prebuilt Superflows
    • Social, peer-to-peer, voice, video
    • Web, enterprise applications, gaming
    • Mobile
    • Storage workloads
    • Custom applications
    • Frequent updates

  • Real Attacks
    • 6,000+ live security attacks
    • 36,000+ pieces of live malware
    • 100+  evasions classes
    • DDoS and botnet simulation
    • Custom attacks
    • Research and frequent updates

BreakingPoint Specifications


See our detailed list of the 290+ stateful application protocols

Test Components

  • Application Simulator
  • Client Simulator
  • Session Sender
  • Security
  • Security NP
  • Stack Scrambler

Network Access

  • IPv4/IPv6 Static Hosts
  • IPv4/IPv6 External Hosts
  • IPv4 DHCP Hosts
  • IPv4 DHCP Server
  • VLAN
  • IPv4/IPv6 Router
  • IPv4 DNS
  • IPv6 DNS

Security: Exploits/Malware

  • 36,000+ attacks
  • 6,000+ exploits
  • 29,000+ malware
  • 100+ evasion classes
  • Multi-layer evasions

Security: Dos/DDos

Attacks include:

  • IP-based DoS attack types:
  • ICMP flood test case
  • ICMP fragmentation test case
  • Ping flood test case
  • UDP-based DoS attack types:
  • UDP flood test case
  • UDP fragmentation test case
  • Non-spoofed UDP flood test case
    Syn flood test case
    Syn-ack flood test case
    Data ack and push flood test case
    Fragmented ack test case
  • Session attack test case
  • DNS flood attack case
  • Excessive verb attack case
  • Recursive GET Floods
  • Slow POSTs
  • Zeus
  • SpyEye
  • BlackEnergy
  • Duqu
  • Pushdo Cutwail
  • TCP-based DoS attack
  • Application-layer attack
  • Botnets

Ixia BreakingPoint™ Virtual Edition (VE) — Virtualized Application and Security Resilience Test - Data Sheet
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