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Opale ex malden MultiDSLA for Speech Performance testing
Opale Malden MultiDSLA Speech Performance Measurement System

Application Assurance

Opale Systems (formerly Malden) MultiDSLA

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MultiDSLA is a state of the art measurement system for speech performance assessment used by many organisations as the reference measurement in applications ranging from core technology development to network operations.

Opale Malden MultiDSLA The system nodes are capable of generating speech signals at any defined level and measure mean active speech level, noise level, peak signal level and activity factor.

In addition to speech level measurements and speech quality scores, MultiDSLA offers key speech performance indicators in numerical and graphical form, essential for the analysis of distortions in the degraded voice signal caused by noise, codec distortion, voice activity detector (VAD) performance or network impairments such as delay, packet loss, jitter buffer behaviour and echo.

MultiDSLA brings a new technique - the Perceptual Expectation GapTM - to users to help understand the way different communications paths exceed or fall short of Service Level Agreements and design objectives focusing exclusively on Speech Transmission Performance measurement, utilising a number of different standardised metrics, including ITU-T Rec., P.863 POLQA®, P.862/P.862.1/P.862.2 PESQ, P.56, G.107.

Opale Malden MultiDSLA Testing with Bluetooth

supports a broad range of test needs, including

  • Terminal development
  • SIP phone test bed
  • UMA performance and handover analysis
  • Enterprise SLA validation
  • Echo canceller analysis
  • Train communications
  • DTMF Analysis
  • Audio Analyser
  • Regression testing
  • Conference bridge testing
  • Speech quality optimisation in all networks
  • Speech quality/load evaluation
  • Drive Test
  • Codec evaluation
  • Electro-Acoustic conformance
  • Testing MP3 players
  • Network element development
  • Wireless handset comparison
  • Vendor selection
  • Echo simulation
  • Competitive analysis of cellular networks
  • DSP performance measurement



ITU-T Rec. P.863 POLQA

ITU-T Rec. P.862 PESQ

ITU-R Rec. BS.1387 PEAQ

ITU-T Rec. P.861 PSQM

ITU-T Rec. P.56

ITU-T Rec. P.310/

ITU-T Rec. P.48

ITU-T Rec. G.107

ITU-T Rec. Q.24

3GPP2 C.S0056


Voice Communications Test Software for Voice Engineers and Support Teams

  • Efficiently manage the test design, execution, and analysis of voice-band performance
  • Boost testing productivity
  • Get immediate insights into performance problems
  • Rely on a stable platform trusted the world over


IP networks deliver quality services while keeping costs down and adding flexibility for changing business demands. The benefits promised by moving to a single IP network are now being realised, but with this move comes a risk of poor call quality. Our solutions are used by customers in the Financial, Oil, Retail and Transport industries to manage call quality and troubleshoot any inevitable hiccoughs.


Are you responsible for ensuring the voice quality offered across your network, targeted at meeting SLAs for specific customers or helping resolve customers’ problems quickly and efficiently? MultiDSLA offers a range of features to help you understand how your network is performing, when and where there are problems and drill-downs to understand specific causes.

Drive test

Mobile communications add additional challenges in the delivery of good call quality. With MultiDSLA you exhaustively test cell phones and radio systems in the lab. Then using the same tool you can establish a cost-effective drive test system for extending investigations out into the real-world.


Are you developing a new voice device, determining how a product inter-operates with your network, or investigating a customer complaint at one of the major service providers in the world? MultiDSLA has been providing performance analysis for engineers in the lab with incredible resolution, clarity and flexibility for many years.

Opale Systems (formerly Malden) MultiDSLA delivering reference speech quality and voice and video active measurement systems to the telecommunications and equipment manufacturers community.

Opale (formerly Malden) MultiDSLA Speech Performance Measurement System - Brochure

Opale (formerly Malden) MultiDSLA Speech Performance Measurement System - Data Sheet

Opale (formerly Malden) MultiDSLA For Laboratory Applications - “Know What Lies Behind The Score”

Opale (formerly Malden) MultiDSLA POLQA (Perceptual Objective Listening Quality Analysis) - Brochure

Opale (formerly Malden) MultiDSLA Speech Quality

Opale (formerly Malden) MultiDSLA VoxPort Packet (VPP Detect Reproduce Analyse) - Brochure
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Opale Systems (formerly Malden) MultiDSLA
Opale Systems (formerly Malden) MultiDSLA MultiDSLA is a state of the art measurement system for speech performance assessment used by many organisations as th... Read More