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NG4T NG40 for small cell and UE Verification

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Mobile Core and Mobile RAN emulator 2G/3G/4G networks | UE and eUTRAN Verification | 3G/4G RAN/Core Simulation | Interoperability | Functional Load | Capacity Testing | Mobile Cloud | Forensics and IT-Security

ng4T offers test solutions together with world class consulting services to enable the building and testing of telecommunications networks.

ng4T is targeting the mobile communications active test market which includes:Network Equipment Manufacturers

  • Companies designing, developing, installing, and performing acceptance testing of Communications Network Infrastructure and Network Operators and Service Providers
  • Companies managing the operations of communications networks, providing network services, installation, acceptance testing during network deployment, network optimization and fault troubleshooting

NG40 for small cell and UE verification

NG40 EPC and extensions

The NG40 tester supports the following interfaces shown by he green dots in the network diagram below:

  • 2G: A, Gb, Gn and Gi
  • 3G: IuB, IuCS, IuPS, Gn and Gi
  • 3G Femto: IuH, IuCS, IuPS and Gi
  • WLAN: Gn'
  • 4G: S1, S6a and SGi

Both sides of the interfaces (RAN and CN) are supported by the NG40.

Network Element Verification/Testing

The Implementation Under Test (IUT) is a Network Element (NE) which is under development in Type Acceptance or Field Acceptance. NG40 can not only replace other NE’s to complete the network test architecture but also surround the Implementation Under Test. NG40’s unique combination of load and capacity testing capabilities will reveal IUT weaknesses. In particular the capability to emulate a huge number of mobile devices including ciphering will allow the identification of Core Network (CN) elements lacking robustness.  The IUT can be tested under real world conditions in the lab prior to any field test.

Terminal Inter Operability Test

By complementing the NG40 with radio equipment:
•    Node B
•    Femto Cell
•    eNB
it becomes a cost effective alternative to real CN equipment in mobile device IOT labs, covering all mobile device test requirements on a CN manufacturer's independent platform.

Among others, the NG40 CN emulation capabilities includes:

•    Handover support: intra technology as well as inter technology 2G, 3G and 4G
•    High traffic volume: signaling and user plane

•    unique combination of active load and stress test equipment in the mobile communications application market
•    time-to-market reduction to design and develop the next generation network infrastructure
•    ensures interoperability in all areas
•    high capacity terminal emulation to simulate subscriber growth
•    a test platform which does meet the requirements of increased network speeds
•    ready for 10 GbE and higher
•    ready for LTE and SRAN
•    hundreds of man years of fixed and mobile network testing experience

NG40 System Architecture

NG40 hardware platform uses Commercial-Of-The-Shelf (COTS) components


  • COTS are cost efficient
  • COTS are scalable: From notebook PC to  server or a cluster of servers for highest performance
  • Performance improvements of next generation COTS (faster CPUs, RAM, disks,…) are directly proportional to the load generation capabilities
  • future-proof: any end-of-life can easily be replaced


NG40 test interface transport options

  • Gigabit Ethernet (electrical) is the most cost effective interface of NG40         
  • 10 Gigabit (optical SX, LX, ..)
  • ATM STM1/OC3 (optical single- and multimode)
  • ATM E1/T1 (electrical) 
  • (PCM E1/T1/J1 (electrical) (Q3-2012)

NG40 software platform


  • Scalable from functional to load testing
  • Operating System: Linux Long Term Support server distributions
  • ng4T Software distributed as easy installable Debian packages
  • CommV3 architecture © ng4T
  • Multi thread, multi CPU and multi server support
  • High availability and robustness via build-in redundancy and crash detection
  • Test execution, supervision and results display via web based thin client GUI
  • .net based test execution GUI
  • command line interpreter (NG40 shell © ng4T)
  • Multiple users can supervise the test execution on a single or multiple servers
  • Interfaces for SW components in Python for ease of development and C++ for high performance

NG4T CommV3 - High level architecture


Use Case – LTE S1 & optional S6a

NE Test – S1/S6a: eNB <-> MME/SGW

  • RAN side functional test emulator for multiple eNBs (e.g. 1500) with S1/S1-U and X2 functionality. The mobile functionality (e.g. 2Mio subscribers) as seen on S1 interface is included.
  • EPC side functional test emulator for multiple MMEs and SGWs with S1 and S1-U functionality.
  • The HSS and PGW functionality as seen on S1 interface is included.


  • HSS emulation (S6a)


  • CS-Fallback
  • U-plane packet generator
  • U-plane verification by transmitting packet through S1-U and capturing it on SGi
  • Bridge to external servers, e.g. IMS, Video,…

Use Case – GGSN Load Test Gn & Gi

GGSN Load Test Gn & Gi

SGSN side functional test emulator for multiple SGSNs incl. RNCs. The Node Bs and mobile functionality as seen on Gn interface is included.


  • Reference: 3GPP TS 29.060
  • Packet Generator for internal user plane traffic generation
  • Packet bridge for external user plane traffic generation
  • User plane traffic type and packet size is configurable


ng4T sells Mobile Core and Mobile RAN emulators for a numerous field of applications.  The inbuild Procedure Generator / Error Insertion Engine simplifies functional, load and capacity testing.

For more information please call us 01296 678510

NG40 EPC Emulator - Data Sheet

NG40 IMS Emulator - Data Sheet
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