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Stinga ISDN PRI Simulator


Utel Stinga ISDN PRI Simulator

A protocol simulator supporting protocol simulation and traffic generation in ISDN PRI networks. Generates real network traffic to test new or updated network services for interoperability and/or errors under development


STINGA Protocol Simulators simulate and generate realistic network traffic. It is an essential tool for network providers in validating new services, versions, or products for Quality of Service (QoS), conformance, and user experience.

STINGA ISDN PRI Simulator is a cost-efficient test tool and performs ISDN PRI protocol simulation over TDM.

The key features of the STINGA ISDN PRI Simulator are:

•Simulator Processes
•Call & Release Call guides
•Protocols and User Parts
•Audio and DTMF Generator/Detector
•Call Generation
•Script Language
•Remote Control
•Conformance Test Suite Framework
•Cost-efficient Windows-based Test Instruments
•Same User Interfaces for all Products Reduce Costs
•Simultaneously Protocol Simulation & Analysis
•Open script format

The STINGA ISDN Simulator application support the following protocols:

  • E1/T1/J1 line interfaces
  • E1/T1/J1 alarm signals and link status:
    • Loss of Frame Alignment
    • Loss of Signalling Multiframe Alignment
    • Loss of CRC Multiframe Alignment (red alarm)
    • Remote Alarm and Remote Multiframe Alarm (yellow alarm)
    • Alarm Indication Signal (AIS) (yellow alarm)
  • DSS1 layer 2 (Q.921/I.441)
  • Euro-ISDN layer 2, LAPD, LAPDE, LAPB, LAPBE
  • DSS1 layer 3 (Q.931/I.451)
  • Euro-ISDN layer 3
  • National ISDN-2 (NI-2)
  • Layer 6 and 7, ASN.1 (Supplementary Services)
  • Supplementary Services


The simulator supports conformance-, functional-, regression-, mobile-, and load testing, from prototyping-stage to final product. Testing new services, products, or versions early in the development phase saves time, prevents errors, and ensures interoperability between network elements. When commercially released and distributed, all new network elements are verified to function in a real network environment and to deliver on its premises.

Generate various traffic conditions
STINGA ISDN PRI Simulator can generate both real network conditions and custom traffic towards specific or all parts of a network. It can also regenerate problems or irregularities that have already occurred in a real network environment. This makes error tracking and searching easier, and customer experience can easily be tested to ensure high quality.

A Conformance Test Suite Framework is included with all STINGA Protocol Simulators. The framework contains a large number of test scripts and templates to simulate calls, data traffic etc. towards one or several parts of a network. Test scripts and templates can easily be customized for specific tests in or between network elements.

Expert Support & tailored solutions
To better fit our customers’ needs and requirements, we provide them with custom made and tailored solutions. All STINGA products are adapted to new technological changes and new protocols and versions are added continuously. Other protocols and national protocol variants are implemented on customer request.

Utel Systems provide Protocol Analyzers & Simulators for Traditional, Fixed Mobile, Converged and Next Generation Networks

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