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Microtel Aster A-620 Up to 32 x 1/10G IN/OUT ports (A-620 model)


Microtel Aster Packet Broker 620-618

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Aster Packet Broker
Aster 620-618 are Microtel’s new family of network packet brokers, which, once connected to the network devices, filter and direct to the monitoring tools only the traffic to be analyzed, improving network visibility and simplifying business and security controls: simply data filteringand data aggregation at their best.

Microtel Aster 620-618 network packet brokersUnder the pressure of a myriad of new incoming services, such as VOIP, video streaming and many others, today’s IP network are carrying an increasing multi-protocol traffic, at higher bitrates. As IP networks were originally designed for “best effort” transport of “non-time-critical” data, such as e-mails, moving upon them real time services could become a critical process, that requires a very close real time data monitoring in more points of the network.

As a final result, monitoring tools are oversubscribed, while the overall architecture is complicated by a lot of connections between network devices, SPAN ports and the monitoring probes themselves.
Aster 620-618 network packet brokers are the solution for all these problems, as they allow you to rationalize the network, simplifying connections and optimizing monitoring.

Load Balancing

The load balancing function enables the device to distribute the input traffic to the output ports in a balanced way, using Balancing Groups and a Session Oriented Hash Algorithm.  Each Balancing Group is a logical association between a set of IN ports (up to 8) and a set of OUT ports (up to 8); within the same group the traffic coming from the input ports will be forwarded to the output ones in a balanced way. Any IN or OUT port can belong to a single Balancing Group, while ports defined as IN/OUT at the same time can’t be used in this configuration.

The Session Oriented Hash algorithm used to calculate the “output port” is Simple Hash Mode on Packet Header Information and it works on the following header parameters: L2 MAC address, L3 IPv4 Address, L4Port UDP/TCP.
The algorithm guarantees that all the input traffic belonging to a specific session is sent to the same output port and thereby to the same probe, this assuming that the parameters used to identify the “sessions” are also used in the hash algorithm.

 Microtel Aster Packet Broker
Microtel Aster Packet Broker
  • Speed: 1G and 10G access at full line rate
  • Ports: Up to 16 (A-618) or 32 IN/OUT ports configurable for Input network access (traffic from in-line TAPs or mirror-ports) or Output monitoring. Optical ports can also be configured as input and output simultaneously A-618T model adds to the 16 IN/OUT ports 2 single optical TAP links integrated in the main chassis,
    • 1/10 Gbps speed
    • Singlemode or multimode
    • fiber 50/50, 60/40, 70/30, 80/20, 90/10 split ratios
  • Hw based Filtering: Packet filter/classification (full wire speed) L2, L3, L4; VLAN and MPLS label filtering; packet accept/deny; packet forward/redirect/multicast “User defined bytes” filtering, supported on the first 128 bytes of the packet.
  • Selective Aggregation: Any-to-any
  • Load Balancing: This function enables the device to distribute the input traffic to the output ports in a balanced way, using:
    • Balancing Groups and a Session Oriented Hash Algorithm
  • “Security check” on Output monitoring ports: This function allows to apply, if required, a “security check” to each output port connected to a probe, so that, when detected the probe disconnection, these ports are automatically disabled generating a warning alarm. Next the disabled ports can be get enabled only with a system reconfiguration, so implementing a security policy aimed to avoid unauthorized intrusions in the network
  • Management:
    • Embedded GUI for Web management (HTTPS)
    • Multi-user access with defined privileges
  • Real Time and Daily Statistics: For each IN/OUT port: bandwidth, packet counter, packet size, Tx/Rx errors
  • Alarms: SNMP traps
  • Save money: fewer IP monitoring tools are required
  • Reduce complexity: fewer links between network devices and the monitoring tools
  • Increase security: fewer access points
  • Increase flexibility: new devices and applications can be easily added
  • Maintain high Service Level Agreement: reducing

    the overall number of devices and connections


See Data Sheet

See Data Sheet

ModelDescriptionChassisBrochure Download
A-620 Network Packet Broker, Matrix Switch, Port Multiplier, 2U Aster 620 -  618 - 618T 1-10G Packet Broker
A-618 A-620: 32×1/10G IN/OUT ports; A-618: 16×1/10G IN/OUT ports 1U Aster 620 -  618 - 618T 1-10G Packet Broker
A-618T 16×1/10G IN/OUT ports + 2 single optical TAP links 1U Aster 620 -  618 - 618T 1-10G Packet Broker
RT-618 1U: 16 OUT ports +2 single optical TAP links
2U: up to 64 OUT ports + up to 8 single optical TAP links
1U/2U Microtel RepliTAP- 618 1-10G Replicator

Network Packet Broker Aster Use Case

  Aster 1/10G Packet Broker - Solution Brief


Microtel Innovation is committed to the continuous improvement of its products, consequently specifications may change without notice. Please, contact us for further information and configurations.

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