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VOIPFUTURE Smart RTP Monitoring System

Voice Quality

VOIPFUTURE Smart RTP Monitoring

RTP Monitoring is the real-time analysis of media streams and their individual packets. Data from actual VoIP calls can be gathered anywhere in an IP network, allowing to track the quality of RTP streams during transit.

The quality of VoIP calls is more likely to vary than the quality known from the old TDM world. A shared packet-switched transport with many complex devices and networks simply has many problem sources. This becomes evident as the amount of traffic increases. Keeping the IP network under control is thus vital to the flawless operation of any VoIP service. The VOIPFUTURE system provides all the relevant information required for VoIP network management.  The probes generate quality data records (QDR) for every 5 s segment of every stream on a monitored link. Examples of the detailed in-call information contained in each QDR include:

·         jitter & packet inter-arrival time histograms,

·         packet loss & burst loss histograms,

·         used DSCP code points and

·         indicators for different impairment types, e.g. network overload

VoIPFuture SMart RTP Monitoring Business BenefitVOIPFUTURE Smart RTP Monitoring Probes are passive high-performance appliances that analyze network links in real time.  The probes are designed to permanently monitor and evaluate live voice traffic, thereby creating highly condensed statistical information called quality data records (QDR). To this end, a probe inspects every packet on the monitored link. All metric data is obtained from packet flow analysis and inspection of RTP packet headers. The solution is non-intrusive and neither injects traffic into the network nor modifies packets in any way.

Despite this great measurement detail, the probes can process Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) links at full line rate, i.e. they are able to analyze the RTP packets of 10,000+ concurrent calls (G.711 at 20 ms) fitting on a fully utilized 1 GbE link. Each probe can monitor and analyze multiple 1 GbE links as well as 10 GbE links simultaneously – the current probe performance limit is well beyond 40,000 concurrent calls.

In addition to RTP stream analysis, the probes perform a number of other functions. This includes on-demand packet recording as well as basic monitoring of SIP signaling, for correlation of data from the media and user plane. The probe software follows a modular approach so that these functions can be distributed across multiple appliances if required.

Probe Appliances

There are currently four series of VOIPFUTURE Probe Appliances (VPA), which address different deployment scenarios while providing an optimal balance between performance and cost.

The Series 2000 and Series 3000 appliances are recommended for temporary or offline monitoring and for deployments in cost-sensitive enterprise environments. These appliances are small and light-weight, yet they are able to process between 5,000 and 20,000 concurrent calls.

The Series 4000 probes are recommended for permanent deployments with high performance and availability requirements. The low footprint 1 RU appliances are based on IBM x3550 servers with redundant power supplies and a RAID-protected storage system. Corresponding HP Proliant and Dell PowerEdge server configurations are available on request

The Series 5000 appliances are designed for high-density continuous RTP monitoring in large scale carrier environments. The 2 RU appliances are based on IBM x3650 servers with redundant power supplies and a RAID-protected storage system. Corresponding HP Proliant and Dell PowerEdge server configurations are available on request.

All Series 5000 probes offer industry-leading RTP Monitoring performance. The VPA-5014 probe is characterized by its eight 1 GbE interfaces that allow to monitor four links (both directions) at full line rate. Even more impressive, the flagship VPA-5022 appliance features four 10 GbE interfaces for monitoring both directions of two links. This market-leading monitoring density allows one probe to analyze aggregated traffic from multiple SBCs.

VoipFuture Smart RTP Monitoring System



In this section you can view the current range of released documents, including product datasheets, white papers and current case studies.

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