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NetQuest OptiCop Interceptor

Purpose-built access solutions for intercept applications providing selective access to data traffic on packet or TDM service networks ranging from high speed OTN (OTU-2), OC192/STM-64 to low speed T1/E1 and DS0.

NetQuest Interceptors are purpose-built, comprehensive access solutions for intercept applications. The products provide selective access to data traffic on a variety of packet or TDM service networks ranging from high speed OTN-2, OC192/STM-64 to low speed T1/E1 and DS0. Using an Interceptor, Ethernet based tools gain and maintain real-time WAN network access regardless of the WAN port’s data stream speed or its framing attributes, tributary hierarchy, or protocol transport.

The Interceptor series is specifically designed for selective monitoring access. An Interceptor consolidates conventional access functions with advanced Auto-Discovery and filtering in a highly integrated platform. Its ability to discover and automatically adjust to standard stream speeds and formats makes it function independent of network re-provisioning. This, in turn, greatly simplifies the management of the overall system, specifically if it is integrated with the intercept application. Further, it can both translate WAN input traffic to standard Ethernet output and off-load the intercept probe’s CPU processing requirements by filtering and pre-processing traffic. These functions preserve valuable probe resources and enable it to be more efficient by processing only the data of interest. The Interceptor solution is highly scalable to the specific network access monitoring requirements.

The heart of NetQuest’s Interceptor series is its ground-breaking Auto-Discovery process. In applications where private line or virtual private line services are being delivered, bandwidth allocation and protocol usage can vary greatly because they are determined by the end-user’s specific termination equipment. This issue is further complicated by the dynamic nature of network provisioning, which can change on a daily or even hourly basis. Auto-Discovery eliminates the need for the test equipment used to analyse circuit utilization, the on-going manpower needed to operate this equipment, and the subsequent task of re-provisioning traditional solutions.

  • Automatic discovery/survey of private line circuit utilisation.
  • Lossless interception of Multi-Protocol data.
  • Unified IP access for probes, independent of transport protocols.
  • Selective, real-time access to data of interest.
  • Support for OC48/STM-16, OC192/STM-64, OTU2, OTU2e interfaces.
  • Multiple GigE or 10G Ethernet output ports.
  • Filtering and Routing of monitored data.
  • Unidentified traffic groomed and redirected to clear channel or channelized bypass ports.
  • Local or remote management including Telnet, Syslog and SNMP.
  • Single or redundant AC or DC power supplies.
OTN/SDH/SONET Input Ports 4 x OC3/STM-1 or OC12/STM-4  2 x OC192/STM-16 with APS (optional);or
with APS (optional); or 4 x OC48/STM-16 with APS (optional)
1 x OC48/STM-16 with APS (optional)  
Auto-Discovery & Targeting Bandwidth 2.5Gbps 20Gbps
Bypass Ports up to 8 OC3/STM-1 or OC12/STM-4 up to 8 OC48/STM-16
Bypass Grooming Level Includes any-to-any VC-3 level (Broadband) switching, optional any-to-any VC-11/12, and optional 64 Kbps timeslot switching Includes any-to-any VC-4-4c or VC-4 level
Ethernet Output Ports 4-8 x GigE 4 x 10GigE
TDM Stream Auto-Discovery From OC48/STM-16 to VC4/VC3, From OC192/STM-64 to VC4, VCAT/LCAS
PDH from VC4/VC3 to VC12/VC11 and DS0, VCAT/LCAS
Framed Stream Auto-Discovery POS, EoS, ATM, HDLC, GFP, IMA POS, EoS, GFP
Protocol Stream Auto-Discovery PPP, cHDLC, MPLS, Frame Relay, SS7, MLPPP PPP, cHDLC, MPLS
Size 2U rack mount or table top chassis:
3.5”H x 19”W x 17.25”D (8.9cm H x 48.3cm W x 43.8cm D)
Weight 18 pounds (8.16 kg)
Power 140 W (110/220 VAC or 48 VDC)
Operating Temp 32° - 122° F ( 0° - 50° C)
Humidity 10-90% non-condensing
Compliance FCC, UL, CE, RoHS
Management Telnet, EIA232 Craft (Menu Driven), Syslog, SNMP V1-V3
  • Lawful Interception and Access Mediation.
  • Real-Time Traffic Stream-To-Disk Capture.
  • Forensic Tools and Analysis.
  • Performance Monitoring and Management.
  • Billing Verification and Revenue Recovery.
  • Market Intelligence and Analytics.
  • Data Retention

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