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Osix System

VoIP Monitoring & QoS

Polystar OSIX system Network and Service Assurance

The OSIX system is used for monitoring, troubleshooting, alarming, and xDR generation. OSIX supports fixed-line, mobile, and IMS/VoIP—all in one system.

OSIX is a passive probe system that non-intrusively extracts information from the control and user planes in telecom networks. Control plane signalling is available in real time, and the data is also stored for later retrieval for historical analysis. The user plane data is correlated in real time against the corresponding control signalling.

The software component of OSIX includes a set of applications for viewing and analysing network data. These offer a sophisticated correlation functionality that provides an end-to-end, network-wide view of calls and data transactions. The Network Status and Statistics Alarms applications provide powerful alarm-handling functionality and allow integration to third-party systems through SNM P traps. The Mass Call, Performance Analyser, and Real Time Statistics applications provide fast and accurate error detection, allowing the operator to quickly detect and resolve network problems or poor performance before customers are affected.

From SS7 to LTE in the same system, all your analysis needs fulfilled from the OSIX Main Panel.

• All protocols and network technologies are accommodated in a single system
• Handles both control plane and user plane on a number of interfaces (including E1/T1, STM -1, ATM , Gigabit and 10-Gigabit Ethernet)
• Generates real-time alarms for quick detection and resolution of network problems or poor performance before customers are affected
• Generates real-time raw xDRs for third-party integration
• Includes intuitive drill-down functionality for root-cause analysis

OSIX in Polystar’s Network and Service Assurance offering

Polystar offers a broad range of products in telecom network monitoring solutions. OSIX is the product closest to the network, where it gathers network data directly from the probes in real time.

OSIX can then supply data to Jupiter, Polystar’s reporting and OSS system. It is also the engine for the generation of xDRs to third-party systems, such as revenue assurance, fraud management, and active roaming management systems.


Server hardware
Polystar uses HP ProLiant servers as probe servers. The physical measurements are 1U 19''. The probe servers are configured with RAID 1+0, which prevents data loss in case of hardware failure.

Operating system
The probe servers are running Red Hat Enterprise Linux as operating system.

The probe servers are using MySQL as database system.

OSIX is built to be efficiently scalable from a small system into large systems. The amount of hardware needed is directly related to the amount of traffic on a single site. If one site has small traffic volume only 2 servers are needed (one probe and one PRS).

The GLS (Global Server) is only needed in one central location.

This makes it possible for OSIX to be a system for any operator, from a global operator to a locally based virtual operator.

  • Protocol Analyser
  • Call Trace
  • Performance Analyser
  • Mass Call
  • Real Time Statistics
  • Network Status
  • Statistics Alarm


Osix System Applications

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OSIX high-level brochure

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Osix 10Gbps Media Probe

Osix Monitoring high-speed telecom networks
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