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UC Testbook VoIP Installation Tool

Portable Installation and Maintenance Tool for VoIP, SIP / H323 Trunk Testing and Unified Communications

UC Testbook is the first dedicated tool for the installation and maintenance of VoIP/UC products and services. SIP / H323 Trunking services and IPBX installers save time and money with this great little notebook based tool. 

Designed specifically for the VoIP engineer and technician UC Testbook offers an advanced test capability that helps reduce the time spent on the installation and maintenance of VoIP service and products.

  • Small rugged Netbook based test tool ideal for field use.
  • Support for SIP and H.323 protocols provides total VoIP test solution within a single unit.  
  • One button testing and stored test profiles allows for easy operation.
  • Designed for VoIP


Testbook Enginner

The team behind Testbook were the pioneers in portable field ISDN testers and understand what is required for successful service and product deployment.  UC Testbook offers the test capability required in order for easy and rapid identification of VoIP related issues and problems.

 The VoIP entity replacement mode allows UC Testbook to emulate different VoIP infrastructure components and provides users with the capability of testing and identifying those VoIP services and products that are not operating or performing as required.

  • Network tool suite helps identify connectivity issues.
  • Call Generator tests signalling integrity.
  • Sequential call mode tests quality and capacity of VoIP trunks and links.
  • Multiple emulation modes allow replacement of key VoIP architecture entities.

Up to 30 simultaneous calls are supported through our multi-threaded virtual terminal capability with each terminal capable of supporting both outgoing and incoming calls. Terminals can loop calls or send media (RTP), incoming calls can be automatically answered and through IVR technology call action can be determined.  With the ability to generate and terminate hundreds of VoIP calls with media UC Testbook is the tool of choice.

  • Intuitive Easy to use GUI
  • Protocol Capture and Decode
  • Trunk Emulation Mode
  • PABX Emulation Mode 
  • Terminal Emulation Mode


VoIP Capability

  • 30 simultaneous calls
  • Media (RTP) Support
  • Audio Support

Protocol Support 2

  • SIP
  • H.323
  • RTP
  • STUN

Hardware Interfaces

  • Ethernet 10/100/1000BT 3

Operating System

  • Linux
  • Java"

VoIP/UC Emulation Modes 2

  • Trunking Emulation
  • PABX Emulation
  • Terminal Emulation

Codec Support

  • G.711 (a-Law, µ-Law)
  • G.726/16/24/32/40
  • G.729A
  • GSM
  • iLBC
  • LPC-10
1 Network emulation capability is restricted and dependent on protocol
2 Emulation Modes and Protocol Support are optional items, please refer to price list
3 Ethernet Network Interface speed is platform dependent

UC Testbook Application

UC Testbook Data Sheet
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