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Spectra2 - Core Network Test

Signaling and Media Test solutions for the lab and the field.

Proliferation of smart phones, tablets and multimedia applications (Video, Voice and Data) are demanding the faster migration to all-IP networks while carriers are still trying to leverage on their legacy infrastructure. The coexistence of legacy and emerging networks along with the convergence between fixed and mobile networks creates challenging core network test conditions for operators and manufacturers.

IMS is a service rich environment with video, presence, voice, and vertical features, but legacy services based on PSTN still remain. Carriers must ensure that their new IMS IP services work and that their legacy services can be integrated with their new IP infrastructure. Core network test troubleshooting has become more challenging due to the flexibility introduced by text-based IP protocols. IMS and LTE drive new applications, media policies, charging plans and mobility. So core network test tools must be able to validate SIP call control along with Diameter based location, policy, charging and services management. Legacy architecture will remain in place for years to come. This means that end-to-end testing of call control and media Quality of Service (QoS) from time domain multiplexing (TDM) to TDM, TDM to IP, and TDM to IP to TDM must be validated to ensure service quality. With the rapid expansion of network infrastructure and services, operators and manufacturers are facing challenges in field troubleshooting with the limited capabilities of the test tools they currently possess. 

IMS Test and EPC Test with Spectra2 XL3Tektronix Spectra2 XL3 IMS Test EPC Test Videot Video=

How can you ensure that your LTE EPC and/or IMS core network
will perform under the continuously growing customer demand for applications and media?  The answer comes in the form of preparation.

View Spectra2 E-Book to illustrate a few typical Spectra2 Use cases and how they relate to the Subscriber and/or the Networks. Highlights the steps needed to identify the root cause and suggest areas that should be fixed or improved.

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Spectra2productsNetscout Spectra2 Core Network Test solution integrates functional test, load/stress testing, conformance testing, interoperability testing, Quality of Service measurement and monitoring for emerging technologies (IMS, NGN and FMC), legacy technologies (PSTN/SS7 and ISDN) and VoIP (SIP and H.323) into a single platform. Spectra2 Core Network Test solution is one of the only tools on the market that can perform TDM and IP testing in a single chassis with a single user interface. Spectra2 Core Network Test solution enables end-to-end Quality of Service and call control validation in a single platform of gateways converting ISUP to SIP or SIP-I, enterprise PBXs using ISDN to SIP Trunking, and TDM media conversion to and from IP.

  • The Spectra2|SE² software only test solution provides high capacity IP signaling and media testing in the field. This laptop-based functional, load, and monitoring solution enables cross domain IP testing with media. Call scenarios from the field can be captured and imported directly to a Spectra2 server in the lab. This approach integrates field experience into the lab to avoid getting burned by the same problem twice.
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  • The Spectra2|SE² PCIe-1 is the best field transportable test solution that enables customers to troubleshoot both TDM and IP based environments with Spectra2|SE² software running on user laptop/desktop. This is an ideal all-around solution for field operations and customer support organizations. Its unique ability to generate lab grade signaling and media load makes the field troubleshooting in customer environments both productive and cost effective.
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  • The Spectra2 3U is the state-of-the-art lab test platform containing newly designed purpose built hardware, optimized for the telecommunications test and diagnostics.Spectra2 software has support for broad range of IP and TDM protocols. With the new performance threshold set by 3U, the integrated solution offers an ideal platform for testing in mixed protocol environments. Spectra2 SIP and Diameter solutions can validate SIP based call control, SIP trunking, and SIP services. Each of these services normally involves Diameter transactions for AAA, Services, Policy Control, and Charging. Spectra2 simulates a variety of IMS nodes from your CSCF, to HSS, to PDF, OCS and LTE EPC nodes like MME, to PCRF and PCEF. Spectra2 Core Network Test solution simulates and validates new services prior to investing in platforms or software..
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  • The Spectra2 XL3 is your bulwark against signaling storms. A robust testing platform for validating both signaling and media performance, the XL3 covers the three most important dimensions of LTE network performance testing: Diameter transactions per second (TPS), Media/RTP simultaneous calls, and cumulative media quality of experience (QoE). With the comprehensive results generated from your testing you’ll be able to achieve the best possible performance from your network and deliver your services with confidence.
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  • IMS and LTE/VoLTE Evolved Packet Core
  • Policy Control and Charging
  • TDM to IP Transitions
  • Interoperability and Protocol Conformance
  • SIP Trunking and Business VoIP Services
  • Validating The Service, Capacity And Functionality Of Deployed Networks
  • Functional, Load and Monitoring Solutions for SIP, H.323, H.248, MGCP, Diameter, HTTP, XCAP, RTSP, ISUP, TCAP, ISDN, and BICC 
  • Multimedia test including Audio and Video coupled with QoS
  • Automation Solutions for Regression Testing

Validating the Service, Capacity And Functionality Of Deployed Networks
Test engineers, field engineers, deployment teams, software designers, vendor equipment evaluators and technical support engineers are jointly responsible for ensuring that each element of the network provides the advertised functionality and that services deliver end-to-end integrity. Spectra2 Core Network Test solution can perform functional testing on any NGN (IMS/TISPAN), VoIP, PSTN/SS7, ISDN or Mobile CS Core network element including simulating the surrounding nodes for the Device Under Test (DUT) or the System Under Test (SUT). Spectra2 Core Network Test solution can generate heavy signaling and media traffic with any call model or traffic profile for performance or stress testing. Spectra2 also has a full suite of test tools for legacy protocols.
Download your copy of the Spectra2 eBook today and learn more on how Spectra2 can serve your testing needs.

Full product information is detailed in the below datasheets. 

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TDM to IP Test Solution -Spectra2 3u Delivers Superior Performance for IMS Core Testing

Spectra2 for EPC Testing - Robust implementation of Evolved Packet Core is key to a successful LTE deployment

Spectra2 for IMS Testing - Validation of IMS architectural elements is key for building scalable application platform necessary for new revenue opportunities

Portable TDM Test Solution - Spectra2|SE2 PCIe-1 Takes Troubleshooting and Analysis to the Field

Spectra2|SE2 Software-Only Test Solution

Spectra2 XL3 - High-Performance Signaling and Media Test Solution for EPC and IMS
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Spectra2 - Core Network Test
Spectra2 - Core Network Test Proliferation of smart phones, tablets and multimedia applications (Video, Voice and Data) are demanding the faster mig... Read More