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Sages 925VST

MoIP / Fax T.30 / T.38

Sage 925 VST

Sage 925VST Handheld VoIP Service Tester

The 925VST is a versatile handheld Voice Over Packet (VoP) service qualification tool, for both deployment and troubleshooting personnel who require a simple, reliable tester.

The 925VST makes and receives test calls, quickly profiling end-to-end performance and Telephony QoS across a network, qualifying ECHO, DELAY, Voice CLARITY (MOS) and packet loss. Calls can be made using a standard 2-Wire (POTS) or 4-Wire handset style interface enabling testing via an IP/Digital Phone or mobile or wireless handset. This product also includes other telephony over packet tests for services such as FAX. (T.30)

With the 925VST, field personnel place test calls to a Sage responder and perform automated packet voice tests to quickly Troubleshoot, Tune-up and underpin Service Level Agreements.

  • Fast, Comprehensive VoIP Qualification

Qualify essential service delivery in less than a minute!  Saves time and effort.

  • Next Generation SAGE Voice Suite

Real time MOS scores for simple quick voice PASS/FAIL testing.
Analyse poor or unexpected results on the fly further simplifying and reducing field activity time.

  • PESQ

De-Facto industry standard compliance.  Works with pre-existing test tools.

  • MoIP

Sages Modem over IP qualification tool.  Makes sure the fax machine still works.

Backlit LCD Display

Water Resistance Keypad

Built-in ButtSet

Size 4î x 1.5î x 9î weight 20 oz.

2-Wire Analog Interface

Universal Quick Charger (100-240V)

4-Wire Analog Interface

2 and 4-Wire Interface Cables

RS-232 Interface

Durable Soft Carrying Case

Ruggedized Casing




  • Qualify Voice Services by testing the networks ability to transmit distortion free voice in both directions
  • Provide Clarity Merit Score (MOS and PESQ)
  • Measure audio level
  • Measure background noise
  • Detect and measure packet loss
  • Detect and measure voice clips
  • Detect and measure noise hits
  • Detect and measure echo
  • Verify echo cancellation
  • Test the networks ability to transmit facsimile (T.38) by sending real fax
  • Measure network delay
  • Measure jitter buffer performance
  • Verify codec type
  • Verify phone number translation
  • Verify dial tone delay
  • Measure call completion time (post dial delay)
  • Verify IAD Performance
  • Test the IADís ability to emulate POTS
  • Measure loop current
  • Measure ring voltage and frequency
  • Verifies dial tone
  • Verify DTMF transmission capabilities
  • Pass/Fail Criteria Template Generator
  • Simple menu and Navigation

Sage 925VST Handheld VoIP Service Tester
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