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Stinga Monitoring Probe

Sigtran (SCTP, M2PA, M3UA, SUA, IUA, DUA)

Utel Stinga Monitoring Probe

The STINGA Monitoring Probe is the ultimate product for network monitoring.

One probe is a small multi-user monitoring system and easily scalable. It provides both real-time and historical network data.

Stinga Monitoring Probe
STINGA Monitoring Probe is a simple Linux server that monitors one or more TDM and/or Ethernet interfaces. It monitors in real-time and store all raw network details as flat files or in SQL databases. With all data stored 24/7 error searching and tracking, and network planning becomes easier.

  • Provides both real-time and historical data
  • Easily scalable for a growing business
  • Can monitor several network interfaces and protocols
  • Collects and stores data as a flat file or in SQL databases
  • Multi-user system
  • Utlimate product for network monitoring

Stored data can also be used as evidence in fraud or problems with billing, authorities, and/or operators.

A probe is the center in a Link Monitoring System and makes the system flexible and scalable. The system is therefore easily scalable for a growing or changing business. A system can range from one simple probe to many distributed probes.


The key features of the STINGA Monitoring Probe product are:

• Multi-user system
• Real-time protocol monitoring and analysis
• Historical search
• CDR Builders
• Multiple E1/T1/J1 and Ethernet interfaces per probe
• Linux-based monitoring probes
• Windows-based monitoring clients



Utel Stinga Link Monitoring System

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