Stormy Clouds

May 14, 2020

Paragon Active Assurance

Netrounds active assurance enables real-time verification of cloud based service and virtualised network functions, highlighting issues before they affect user services.


When storm clouds appear

The cloud is great, it never goes wrong and nor does the connectivity to it, right?! So this never happens…

Executive Management: Perfect! No more worrying, all our services are in the cloud now, nothing can go wrong.

…sometime later….

IT Management: What on earth is happening!? No one can get into our CRM system or a reliable audio conference. Steve, we are getting some high level escalations, sort it out now!

Steve: Someone took the decision to move all services to the cloud and to just hope / trust it would all work smoothly. I remember at the time saying it was a risk, but no one listened…

Angry Manager: That’s for another day, find out what is wrong and sort it.

Steve: We don’t have any visibility to or inside the cloud, the problem could be anywhere.

Angry Manager: Do something Steve, I’m getting killed here.

Steve: Right, no problem. I’ll look into the tools we need to buy shall I then ?

Manager: Ok, yes, good, I’ll tell the executive team my plan.

There often seems like there is no money or time to plan for possible problems, but always time and money to be spent fixing a problem when it happens. 

Our imaginary hero Steve wanted tools to give him visibility between the enterprise and the cloud and ideally within the cloud too, since he is running multiple VNFs, vRouter, vFW and vIDS at least.  

Being able to isolate where the issue is, is a vital first step to problem solving:

  1. In the cloud ?
  2. Between the cloud and enterprise?
  3. Locally?

Talk to us to find out more about identifying and isolating issues with your cloud services.

Contact us to find out more

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