The DI1000 is a critical part of your toolkit


Fibre inspection is key to successful rollout of optical interfaces. Without inspection dirty connector enfaces can create error across your entire network.

Even microscopic dust particles can create errors across the network. A particle that even partially blocks the fibre core will cause issues. Dust particles that get trapped between two fibre end-faces can damage the connector.

To give some idea of the scope of the problem, a 1-micrometer dust particle on a single-mode fibre end0face can block up to 1% of the light (a 0.05dB loss) while a 9-micrometer speck can completely block the fibre core – both of these particles will still be too small to see without a microscope. By comparison, a typical human hair is 50 to 75 micrometers in diameter, as much as eight times larger.



Of course dust isn’t the only possible contaminant, others include:

  • Oils from human hands or other sources
  • Film residues condensed from the room atmosphere
  • Powdery coatings where liquid contamination has dried away

All these contaminants need to be removed from fibre connectors before use in the network, and inspection is key to ensuring the fibre is suitable for use prior to deployment.

The VeEX DI1000 is the ideal solution for field teams, allowing one handed operation and pass/fail analysis guaranteeing your fibres are suitable for use.

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