Frame offers a comprehensive range of Enterprise focused solutions:

1. Congestion Management, both at a network wide level and user level.

2. Content Control, for fine grained control over network content in use.

3. Visibility solutions from small offices, right up to multi-site deployments, with 10G links.

4. Tools to help get new deployments right first time, with network turn up testing.

Congestion management

Protect your network and the user experience, with intelligent network based traffic shaping

Content control

Control adult and malicious content on your network.

Multi-site network visibility

Monitor and troubleshoot an entire multi-site network from the single location

SME office network visibility

Cost effective way to monitor and validate your network

Enterprise network turn up testing

How to verify your new network performs as designed, before go live.

User based congestion management

Protect your network and the user experience, with intelligent user based traffic shaping.

Windows updates traffic management

Control the volume of Windows update traffic on your network to protect the user experience

Network transaction recording

Recording network transaction activity for legal compliance

Remote branch office troubleshooting

Avoid costly truck rolls and find issues before they impact end users

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