Field Technicians overloaded?

May 26, 2020

Paragon Active Assurance

Netrounds active assurance enables real-time verification of cloud based service and virtualised network functions, highlighting issues before they affect user services.


Truck roll to the rescue?

Many customers still appreciate an engineer visiting to fix a problem, but it comes at significant cost and increasing complications.

Here’s a scenario many operations teams will be familiar with.  Customer X is reporting slower browsing and poor audio quality, not shown up by monitoring. After running through basic checks, no fault can be found. Next step, truck roll, send out an engineer, Steve.

Arriving at X’s location sometime later, Steve cannot find the fault, everything seems ok.  Steve leaves, the customer is still suffering.  The operations team start to dig further and notice an emergency hardware swap of a router happened the previous night. Some while later, bingo, a default configuration was left on the new router, causing the issues the customer saw.

What just happened?

  1. Costly and unnecessary truck roll
  2. Unhappy customer whose experience was impacted
  3. Steve is frustrated at wasting his time

Both problems can be solved by remotely, continuously monitoring service quality in software.  If you are currently relying on end users to monitor the service quality they are receiving, there are large gains to be made.

  1. Completely avoid many truck rolls
  2. Fix problems before end users are even aware
  3. Work remotely, centrally and start to build automation for even greater productivity

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