Get inside the Cloud

Jun 3, 2020

Instant insights into your virtualised functions and services.

Have you deployed services to the cloud, perhaps a vRouter, vIPS, vFirewall or other VNFs?  If your end to end service is misbehaving, how can you find out which VNF is problematic?

Checking management KPIs, such as CPU usage, free memory and bandwidth utilization give some clues, but they can never be relied on to tell you how the underlying service is performing.  To do that, you need to be in the service chain itself.

There are two main choices, Deep Packet Inspection, or Active Assurance.  DPI will look at customer traffic, Active Assurance will create its own synthetic traffic and look at that instead.

My customers are my testers

This is the message, when you use DPI as a trigger for fault finding. DPI is great for analytics and traffic management, but it is always reacting to customer issues, so its too late if you see a problem via DPI. 

Active Assurance on the other hand is totally controllable, you define what to monitor, when and what thresholds are tolerable.  This makes it much more amenable to automation.  Automate the monitor and automate the response when a fault or degradation is seen.

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