How do I test a new SD-WAN link?

Sep 7, 2020

SD-WAN presents a special testing challenge.  SD-WAN is designed to abstract the physical infrastructure from the high-level traffic. This means it is uncertain what physical path traffic will take between two points.   The path can be determined by port number, VLAN, by traffic type, the status of the underlying transport and so on.

A testing solution needs to have the flexibility to be able to test all possible scenarios – predictably

This allows different traffic types to be simultaneously generated by software probes which transits across the SD-WAN tunnel with different port numbers, VLANs, DSCP markings, frame sizes and so on.   In this way, all the physical underlay is tested, as well as the overall SD-WAN tunnel performance.

The complexity of SD-WAN demands a well-matched testing solution and Netrounds provides just that.

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