Increase your FTTH deployment speed

Reduce time on site. Reduce failure rate.

Increase splicing throughput.

Stripping The KF4A FTTH splicer futures an automatic stripper that removes the fibre coating and cladding, exposing the fibre core ready for splicing in just one second.
Cleaving The single action cleaver makes a 90 degree cleave to the fibre end. The rotating cleaver blade can cleave up to 75,000 fibres before requiring replacement. Sharp ends are captured within the attached sharps container.
Cleaning The built-in one-touch cleaning pump enables the technician to immediately clean the fibre end upon cleaving.
Splicing The splicer automatically aligns the fibres and splices the fibre ends. The electrodes can support up to 38,000 splices before requiring replacement. Following the completion of the splice the quality is automatically tested through a tension test, ensuring the splice is good.
Protection The splice is protected throughout the application of a heat-shrink splice protector. The built-in sleeving unit applies the splice protector within 30 seconds.

5 Integrated Functions

Always have all the tools you need to finish the job.

Easy, Automated Splicing

Start Using The KF4A FTTH Splicer

Increase the number of customer activations per day and reduce site re-visits.

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