Low cost network analytics

May 6, 2020

Allegro 200 Network Multimeter

The Allegro 200 makes both real-time and historical analysis of network traffic possible. It analyzes and correlates all data across the network layers 2 to 7, allowing network problems or unexpected traffic to be detected in seconds.


Information is Power…

…lack of information is crippling.

Mr Angry manager: “Steve, the damn conference call became unusable after 15 minutes this morning. This happened last week too, what’s wrong with it?”

IT Steve: “We went through this three months ago, if you want me to find problems, I need some new tools to help.”

Mr Angry: “Your suggestion was way over budget, aren’t there free tools available?”

Steve: “You think I have time to hunt around and build my own tools!? I’m onboarding new employees, supporting the new home workers and…”

Mr Angry: “It had just better work next week, ok”.

Steve: “…and looking for a new job” (said under his breath).

Running even a small network without a network analytics solution is a big risk and can be stressful.  If you don’t know what is going on, you cannot plan, historical troubleshooting is laborious and responding to live queries with real information is impossible.

Traditionally, DPI based solutions to analyse and record key network parameter have been expensive to purchase AND to maintain. Meaning that smaller enterprises find it difficult to justify the budget and Steve is left high and dry.

The Allegro Packets Network Multimeter 200 is a great entry level, but full network visibility solution.  Able to identify and troubleshoot network issues that may affect infrastructure as well as user affecting services it has an outstanding ROI..

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