Network service assurance

As service providers struggle to grow revenues and minimise subscriber churn the visibility the service assurance solutions provide into the customer experience are increasingly critical to success

Management & Visualisation

With the complexity of todays network the management & visualisation software are key to understanding the performance of the network and the service levels it is delivering.

Monitoring Probes

Supporting a variety of interfaces and services, network monitoring probes measure key KPIs across all layers of the network.

Packet Brokers

The network packet broker monitors data from ports and traffic flows all over the network. They are key to understanding the quality of different applications running across the network and report the quality of these applications to relevant monitoring systems, making them the essential backbone of a service assurance solution.

Network TAPs

The Terminal Access Point (TAP) allows access onto the network, facilitating the attachment of monitoring hardware onto the network. TAPs vary in terms of the interface onto the network and the port densities required.