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May 4, 2020

Network expansions

We all like an easy life, so its all too tempting to just add the new boxes, plug it all in after a basic design and power up the new network. Testing consisting of a few pings and visiting some favourite websites. Box ticked, the network expansion goes live in super quick time.

Users start to use the network and all seems fine at first, however, as more users come online and start to create more traffic, support calls start to come in.

Browsing is so slow!

WebEx stalled on an important customer call

And so on. Now your easy life just evaporated and the hunt is on for the issue, as the escalations come in.

Fire! Fire!

…now with added testing

Wind back to the network design stage and now imagine you have a network stress tool that can test your design fully.  Build your network, plug the design into the stress tool and click go, hell, lets overstress it, to be really sure it will work. Pump 250Mbps through whilst running a VoIP call or two.

The tool says pass, the network expansion goes live and your easy life continues, now with added kudos of a fault-free network expansion under your belt. Time for a congratulatory beer.

Frame Communications recommends Netrounds solution for network turn up testing. Fast to deploy, with great support and low upfront costs to get your started. Get it right first time and relax.   

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