8100 Mobile Device Test System

LTE Location Technology Solution
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface provides simple test execution and results analysis.
  • Test case configurability enables testing beyond 3GPP conformance.
  • Troubleshooting capabilities analyze device failures quickly and efficiently.
  • Industry-leading GNSS simulation capabilities guarantee accurate, reliable and repeatable test results.
  • Industry’s first and unique test solution enables two devices to be tested in parallel, reducing overall test time and increasing team productivity.
  • Solutions include hybrid A-GNSS+OTDOA testing capability with positioning performance evaluation.
  • Test solutions are widely used and recommended by chipset vendors, OEMs, and operators the world over.

Emergency (E911), navigation and location-aware applications are becoming ever more prevalent on wireless devices. Ensure that your devices meet the needs of nextgeneration location applications running on LTE networks with Spirent’s Location Technology Solutions.

With the 8100 Location Technology Solution, users benefit from the unique advantage of being able to test multiple GNSS/A-GNSS location technologies and air interfaces in one system, which scales to address evolving CDMA, WCDMA, GSM, LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (BLE), and sensor multi-mode device testing needs. Spirent’s solutions also include the industry’s first system to test devices in parallel, cutting overall test time and increasing team productivity. Spirent’s 8100 Location Technology Solution (LTS) provides comprehensive performance and conformance testing for A-GNSS,

Observed Time Difference of Arrival (OTDOA) and Enhanced Cell Id (eCID). Spirent LTS supports critical LTE features such as end-to-end VoLTE E911 with LPP positioning session, LTE-to-3G circuit-switched fallback (CSFB), LTE-to-Wi-Fi handover and offload, emergency IMS procedures, and is the first to support A-BeiDou, the Chinese satellite constellation.

Parallel Device Testing

Unique to the industry, LTS is available in a configuration tailored for A-GNSS LTE parallel device testing. Increase productivity and reduce overall test time by parallel execution of test cases in one of three scenarios: • Same test case executed on two devices • Same GPS conditions with different A-GPS parameters • Simultaneously perform R&P tests on one device and GPS parameter tests on another

Conducted and Over-the-Air (OTA) Radiated Testing

The 8100 LTE Location Technology Solution is not limited to conductedmode testing. For OTA testing, Spirent offers seamless integration with leading anechoic test chambers. Spirent always keeps its testing capabilities at the forefront of location technology, ensuring that its customers can focus on their testing, no matter how the industry’s OTA test requirements evolve in the future. Spirent is ready right now with the test cases you need for operator acceptance across several major global carriers. The Spirent LTS is completely compliant with the LTE OTA test requirements in CTIA v3.5.2.

Chipset manufacturersType approval and certification testing (GCF/PTCRB). Design verification and validation
Device manufacturersR&D performance and functional testing. Operator-acceptance testing and validation.
Network operatorsAcceptance testing. Device characterisation and comparison.
Test housesType approval and certification testing (GCF/PTCRB). Operator-acceptance testing and validation.