966R Multi-Channel Rack Test Server
A Powerful Next Generation Voice Suite
966R Multi-Channel Rack Test Server
A Powerful Next Generation Voice Suite

The 966R is a powerful multi-channel IP Telephony test server designed to provide service providers and manufacturers a robust test platform to remotely monitor, turn-up, and maintain voice, fax and data services.
In today’s environment, test tools need to be cost-effective in both form and function. And with its broad range of instrument quality test features and its ability to be configured as a single or multi-user platform, the 966R can be shared to meet a variety of requirements in a Next Generation environment.

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  • Field Certification and Deployment Testing
  • Voice Quality Testing
  • Tier III Fault Isolation
  • Proactive Quality Assurance Testing
  • Proactive IMT Testing (ROTL)

Proactive Testing

  • GR-822 ROTL Testing
  • Distributed Probe Testing
  • Dynamic Test Line Allocation

Passive Monitoring

  • SIP Call Monitor
  • RTP decode and Monitor
  • RTCP decode and Monitor
  • Echo Level & Delay
  • PRI-ISDN Call Monitor
  • T-38 FaxRelay
  • RFC 2833 Monitor

Voice Quality & Telephony Transparency

  • ITU-G.107 E-model
  • ITU-P.50 Artificial Voice
  • Mean Opinion Score (MOS)
  • Delay Performance
  • Comfort Noise Level (CNG)
  • Audio Level (Gain/Attenuation)
  • Jitter Buffer VAD Performance
  • Packet/Frame Loss (% Average burst length)
  • DTMF/MF Verification
  • Fax Transparency
  • V.xx Modem Transparency
  • RTP Traffic Generation
  • Call Loading

Echo Cancellation Performance

  • Multi-Echo Detection
  • Echo Level, Echo Delay
  • Echo Canceller Disabler Tone(s)
  • Dispersive Echo Emulation
  • Echo Cancellation Convergence Testing
  • Passive Echo Monitor

Digital Facility Turn-up & Validation

  • Multi-Channel BERT and Fractional E1/T1

Test Interfaces and Throughput

  • Up to Six Interfaces
  • T1/E1 – 186 Simultaneous Tests
  • Modes: Term, Mon, and Drop and Insert
  • 10/100BT – 384 Simultaneous Tests

Call Setup Signaling

  • CAS
  • SI