Arcatech arcaplex Horizon

PRI to BRI Multiplexer
  • Breaks a primary rate line into multiple basic rate ISDN or POTS lines
  • Economical way to provide BRI and POTS connections when a PRI is available
  • Primary rate switchable E1/T1
  • S or U BRI interfaces
  • Downstream sub-equipped PRI
  • Up to 8 terminals per basic rate line
  • POTS interfaces provide -48V feed and ringing
  • Protocols supported - ETSI, National-ISDN
  • Ethernet interface for remote access
  • Modem option for remote access
  • SNMP for remote access
  • 16 and 8 BRI versions available
  • 32 and 16 POTS versions available
  • 8 BRI and 16 POTS version available
  • Mains and -48Vdc versions available

Arcaplex Horizon is a simple device for concentrating PRI, BRI and PSTN traffic onto a single PRI line to the central office.

Arcaplex Horizon is a modular device which allows you to select the interface types best suited to your application.

Reduce your network costs, why rent many expensive BRI lines when a single Primary rate ISDN (PRI) line offers lower rental and installation costs per channel. In most countries it is possible to have a part-enabled PRI interface which will only incur rental charges for the number of channels required.

Why start adding more BRI lines to your network when a PRI or part-enabled PRI line will give you additional growth potential with lower cost per channel than adding more costly BRI lines.

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