Arcatech arcareach Sigma

S-Bus Extender
  • Convert four wire S-bus interface to two wire U interface (2BIQ)
  • Provides 70V 3W power feeding for NT-1s
  • Extends up to 5.5km (18,500ft) (theoretical maximum)
  • Supports point - multi point on remote S-bus
  • Two extended S-buses in each arcareach Sigma unit

Arcareach | Sigma is an inverse NT-1 that changes an S interface (NT side) into a U interface (LT side) and provides power feeding (70V) on the U interface.

Many digital PBXs offer ISDN S-bus interfaces as standard which can operate up to 0.9km (3000ft) under certain conditions. When there is a requirement for the S-bus to be located much further from the PBX the Arcareach | Sigma can be used to turn the S-bus interface into a U interface, supporting 2B1Q encoding.

Using Arcareach | Sigma an S interface can be extended up to 5km by installing an NT-1 at the far end.

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