Arcatech emutel Harmony
Call Generator and Network Simulator
  • LAN: 4 x 10/100BaseT auto-sensing Ethernet and 1 GigaBit Ethernet interfaces
  • E1 T1 J1: 8 interfaces (NT/TE switchable)
  • BRI: 8 port U Interfaces
  • BRI: 8 port S Interfaces
  • Analog FXO: 16 interfaces
  • Multi- function: 2 port E1/T1/J1 & 8 port FXO
  • Optional 8 port FXS
  • Optional 4 port BRI-S
  • SIP
  • H.323
  • DASS2: BTNR 190
  • DPNSS: BTNR 188 & BTNR 189
  • ISDN PRI: Euro-ISDN, North American & NTT variants
  • ISDN BRI: Euro-ISDN, North American & NTT variants
  • T1 CAS, Robbed Bit Signalling and pulse dialling
  • Analog Loop Start and Ground Start

The emutel™ Harmony is a Call Generator and Network Simulator which has a modular architecture providing a powerful, robust platform that can be tailored to meet your current testing requirements and expand to include additional options as your needs evolve. A single system can provide anything from 1 to 15 ethernet interfaces, 8 to 120 E1 T1 interfaces, 16 to 240 analog interfaces or any combination of the above.

A fully integrated platform, the emutel™ Harmony allowing you to completely surround a device under test. This wrap-around performance testing enables end-to-end call routing and ensures seamless communication between IP-based equipment and legacy networks.

An extremely dependable platform, the emutel™ Harmony is a Call Generator, which provides a consistently high performance level no matter how many line cards are added to the system. Product measurements may be consistently repeated providing accurate performance benchmarking.

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