Arcatech emutel Solo
Basic Rate ISDN Simulator

emutel™ Solo is a small, portable lightweight battery powered basic rate ISDN and IDSL network simulator. With 2 software switchable S/U interfaces and the choice of either Euro-ISDN, North American or NTT support.

emutel™ Solo allows you to test and demonstrate all types of BRI equipment on one compact unit. Providing all the standard features but also many others that its competitors don’t include.

It is important to emphasis that the emutel™ Solo is a Hardware ISDN simulator using the industry standard ISDN chip set for reliability and accuracy.

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  • Comprehensive built in Protocol Analyser
  • Custom Tone generation as well as network tones (Dial, Busy, Ring, Error)
  • X.25 support
  • Test tone numbers
  • Power feeding
  • BRI-U range 5.5km
  • BRI-S range 0.9km
  • B-channel delay on Port 1
  • Point-to-point and Point-to-multipoint
  • Layer 1 dropped if Layer 2 inactive (switchable)
  • Layer 2 dropped if inactive (switchable on/off)
emutel™ Solo is an ideal demonstrator tool that comes in a padded carry case for your convenience. There is a universal power supply which switches between 240V and 110V plus the added benefit of a rechargeable internal battery so you can use the unit anywhere - at customer sites, during presentations or at exhibitions at home or abroad. Now available with an additional Network support instead of the protocol analyser