Arcatech emutel Symphony

ISDN & PSTN Simulator

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The fully featured Primary rate ISDN Simulator Emutel™ Symphony uses the industry standard ISDN chip set for reliability and accuracy.

The Symphony is the second generation of our ISDN simulators which have been used all over the world by telecoms development professionals for almost 20 years.

Please feel confident and relaxed to contact us - we will be pleased to discuss your testing reqirements and explain our comprehensive range of test platforms to insure the Symphony is the correct choice for you.

The system can be expanded with the addition of more cards as shown below to build a very flexible and comprehensive simulation tool.

Key Features

Central Office Switch Simulation By simulating the operation of a Central Office Switch, Emutel™ Symphony can provide a combination of Primary Rate ISDN, Basic Rate ISDN and/or Analog telephone connections which may be used just like regular ISDN lines or employed to carry out equipment testing. The emutel™ Symphony is a modular 3 slot system comprising a system controller and up to 2 selectable plug-in expansion cards so you can build the network simulator to fit your needs (see unit options for more details).

Emutel™ Symphony can be managed/configured locally or remotely with an option of an internal modem for dial up management. Attach to the LAN and configuration and analysis can be done from a remote PC in the network. This allows you to operate Emutel™ Symphony in another building but configure and monitor the unit from another location. Optional protocol analysis is also available on Emutel™ Symphony.

Almost every feature of Emutel™ Symphony can be customised, for example, the entire directory numbering structure can be changed. Special numbers activate network conditions such as User Busy or Call Rejected and line power can be switched on or off. Emutel™ Symphony is also extremely easy to use with indicator LEDs showing at a glance what each terminal is doing and a windows application program displaying protocol analyser information and allowing extensive device configuration.

At just 5 Kg emutel™ Symphony is easily portable and, since terminals can be powered directly from the interfaces, it really is the ideal system for use at demonstrations, presentations and exhibitions.

  • BRI-S, BRI-U, E1, T1, and analog interfaces
  • Semi-permanent (nailed-up) connection for testing leased line operation
  • Dual mode operation - simulate both nailed-up connection and NT simulation at the same time
  • Symphony emulates different variants of ISDN by changing the PCMCIA personality card at the front
  • X.25 for testing and demonstrating packet switching equipment
  • Power feeding supported on BRI interfaces
  • Ideal for product development, testing and demonstrations