Arcatech emutel Virtuoso

V5.1 / V5.2 Simulator

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The emutel™ Virtuoso supports both V5.1 and V5.2 protocols including PSTN, BCC, LINK, PROTECTION GROUP 1 and PROTECTION GROUP 2. Up to 8 E1 connections are available for V5.1 / V5.2 and multiple V5.1 and V5.2 systems can be configured simultaneously.

Key Features

By simulating the operation of the Local Exchange, Emutel™ Virtuoso provides up to 8 E1 (2.048Mbps) interfaces which can be configured with multiple V5.1 and V5.2 interfaces, allowing multiple Access Networks to be connected. Emutel™ Virtuoso also has the option of additional PRI, BRI and analogue cards which can be used for call generation and speech path verification.

Almost every feature of Emutel™ Virtuoso can be customised, for example, the telephone number, layer 3 address, timelsot (V5.1 only), signalling channel (V5.2 only), Link Layer 3 address, Protection Protocol Group 1+2, Variant and Interface ID. Special numbers activate network conditions such as the User Busy or Call Rejected. Emutel™ Virtuoso supports DTMF and pulse detection across the V5 systems.

Emutel™ Virtuoso supports the V5.1 ETS 300-324 and ETS 300-347 industry standards and provides full simulation of a V5 switch - generates dial tone, DTMF detection, switches calls to and from Access Network, connects the voice path, etc.

Emutel™ Virtuoso is extremely easy to use with indicator LEDs showing at a glance what each E1 V5 interface is doing and a windows application (GUI) program displaying status information for each of the ports on the Access Network. The windows application will also display the status of each link connected to the Emutel™ Virtuoso.

Included in the windows application (GUI) is a simple to use configuration tool to setup the V5 LE ensuring compatibility with the connecting Access Network. Protocol analysis is provided which can display protocol analyser information for the V5 interface.

Emutel™ Virtuoso is a truly international product. By plugging in personality cards the system can accurately emulate ISDN variants across the V5.2 link in a whole range of different countries. Cards are available for.

  • 8 E1 2.048 Mbps links. Simulation of V5.1 and V5.2 LE with up to 8 E1 interfaces
  • Configuration is extensive but simple using a windows application (GUI)
  • The Windows application shows the status of each of the V5, PRI, BRI and PSTN ports
  • Helpful LEDs show the status of each interface at a glance
  • Emutel™ Virtuoso can emulate different variants of ISDN and PSTN by changing the PCMCIA personality card at the front
  • Depending on network type a range of ISDN supplementary services are supported for telephones and PBXs
  • Emutel™ Virtuoso's weight, size and universal power supply make it a convenient portable network for exhibitions, production line testing, development and on-site customer demonstrations