CMA5 – Optical Loss Tester/Light Source/Optical Power Meter

CMA 5 series 850 nm/1300 nm (MM), 1310/1490/1550/1625 nm (SM)
  • All-in-one light source and optical power meter supporting SM (1310 nm/1550 nm) and MM (850 nm/1300 nm) fiber
  • Compact and lightweight (300 g)
  • Measures +23 dBm max. optical power*1
  • 20 hours of battery (dry cell) operation*2
  • Useful fiber identification modulation function (270 Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz and CW)
  • - *1: SM type (CATV model) only
  • - *2: With 9-V alkaline batteries using optical source and optical power meter

The CMA5 series (Optical Loss Tester/Light Source/Optical Power Meter) measures optical loss and power for optical fiber I&M. The CMA5 series are compact and lightweight, its excellent cost performance and simple operation with the required minimum number of functions make it ideal for onsite I&M. Service engineers can choose from three models — optical loss tester, optical source, and optical power meter — to match the onsite application. 

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