Coherent OTDR – MW90010A

  • Ultra-long distance reach up to 12,000 km
  • Compact and lightweight all-in-one design for on-site / on-ship portability
  • Fault detection with 10 m distance resolution
  • Wide dynamic range supporting fault detection and troubleshooting of submarine cables with repeaters at 80 km or wider intervals
  • Integrated tunable light source with high wavelength accuracy of ±0.2 nm for wavelength setting range of 1535.03 nm to 1565.08 nm
  • Adjustable output power from 0 dBm to +13 dBm
  • Simple and easy touch-panel operation for easy first-time use

MW90010A Coherent OTDR (C-OTDR) is a measuring instrument for detecting faults in ultra-long optical submarine cables of up to 12,000 km including multiple repeaters (EDFA). It is the ideal solution for evaluating new cables at service deployment as well as for troubleshooting in-service faults.