Cubro FlowVista

Network Probe

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Cubro delivers the traffic application series products FlowVista. The FlowVista Series provides flexible signature syntax and identification. The engine to support ACL and load balancing rules is based on IP 5-tuple in NetFlow V9 standard.

The FlowVista Probe supports cross-packet search, hot swapping rule and can upgrade without interrupting the traffic processing. It supports correlate identification which means it is possible to correlate multi-session protocol and unify the identification result. There are three products in the series with different DPI performance and hardware specifications.

Key Features

The Cubro FlowVista probe can be also used to generate meta data from the network and feed a big data application. As one example of such an installation the picture shows 3 open source applications (ELK ore kibana stack) which can be used to build a powerful and flexible collector.

  • Low power design
  • Embedded network processor design
  • Customization according to the customer’s needs possible
  • Netflow V9 streaming output
  • Support of any kind of SFP and SFP+ (also 10 Gbit Base_T), and QSFP
  • 24 X 10 Gbit and 4 X 40 Gbit
  • Flexible rule syntax description – users can define the protocol rules based on PDL syntax