EP900 Handheld IPTV Tester

  • IPTV quality analyzer with MOS value measurement
  • IPTV Video Decoder
  • Performs optical fiber tests with power meter and VFL
  • ONU simulation and measurement (by option)
  • 5.5" Capacitive Touchscreen: with excellent touch response and 7 hours of operating time

The advent of triple-play networks has introduced new challenges for field engineers seeking to ensure video and audio transmission quality. How can data be reliably monitored to provide users with optimal service? What additional steps must operators take in order to protect customer QoS and QoE, reduce service complaints, and improve user satisfaction and loyalty?

New from Deviser Instruments, the EP900 IPTV analyzer is a handheld tester developed on an open smartphone platform. This powerful, easy-to-use equipment supports users in all network operation and maintenance tasks, including LAN testing, IPTV analysis, optical power measurement, fault location (VFL), and alignment.

In order to confirm and diagnose service quality, the EP900 can simulate the user’s PC; test broadband IP lines or PPPOE dial-up service; verify connectivity of broadband IP networks; and identify user equipment problems. The EP900 can analyze detailed IPTV service data at the network, stream, and coding layers, and is equipped with numerous test ports (including Ethernet and optical) for a multipronged troubleshooting approach.