High Performance Waveguide Mixer – MA2806 A / MA2808 A

50 GHz to 75 GHz/60 GHz to 90 GHz
  • Easy set-up with one coaxial cable connection to MS2850A/MS2840A/MS2830A signal analyzer
  • Wide dynamic range using excellent minimum Rx sensitivity and P1dB performance
  • High IF and PS Function (patent pending) eliminating Image response effects at wideband signal measurement
  • High phase noise performance of –100 dBc/Hz@79 GHz with 10 kHz offset (meas.) at connection with MS2840A
  • Easy loading of conversion loss data from accessory USB memory stick into signal analyzer for reflection in the measurement values

Excellent phase noise performance beyond –100 dBc/Hz suitable for testing new millimeter-wave technologies with MS2840A/MS2830A More and more services are using wideband millimeter-wave wireless communications, such as wireless backhaul in the 60 GHz to 80 GHz band, WiGig WLAN modules (IEEE 802.11ad) in the 60 GHz band, and automotive radar in the 77 GHz and 79 GHz bands. Conventional millimeter-wave measurements use a harmonic mixer or down converter but there are various problems when using these setups to measure wideband signals. The High Performance Waveguide Mixer MA2806A and MA2808A are the new solutions for these problems.

By using a dedicated circuit, the MA2806A and MA2808A have an excellent conversion loss of at least 10 dB better than conventional harmonic mixers. When used in combination with the Signal Analyzer MS2840A/MS2830A, the display average noise performance level is excellent at –150 dBm/Hz (meas)*1 at 75 GHz. Due to this excellent minimum sensitivity performance, it has plenty of margin for evaluating increasingly wider-band millimeter-wave equipment. For example, at RF Spectrum Mask tests*2 of wireless backhaul Out Door Units (ODU), the large connection loss of the harmonic mixer makes it impossible to ensure sufficient measurement margin matching the measurement standards. As future channel bandwidths widen to 1 GHz to 2 GHz, minimum sensitivity will be a key issue affecting inability to secure the necessary measurement margin.

In addition, the P1dB performance of the MA2806A and MA2808A exceed 0 dBm. P1dB is the input level when the conversion gain is compressed by 1 dB than the normal linear gain. For accurate measurement, something like an external attenuator is inserted to adjust the level so this input level is not exceeded, but this degrades the noise floor of the measurement system in proportion to the attenuation amount. Since the MA2806A and MA2808A have a superior P1dB performance exceeding 0 dBm, it minimizes the external attenuation value, preventing degraded measurement system Rx sensitivity performance. *1: Value measured at design but not guaranteed specification. *2: ETSI EN 302 217-2-2 4.2.4 RF Spectrum Mask