Non-Intrusive PDH Monitoring

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The NetQuest I-500 Interceptor provides non-intrusive, out-of-band, selective access to packet streams on legacy WAN interfaces including E3/T3, E1/T1, fractional E1/T1, and DS0. In doing so, the Interceptor I-500 enables Ethernet-based tools to gain access to WAN packet data traffic independent of WAN input or protocol type.

Key Features

  • Real-time network survey and content auto-discovery
  • Flexibility to monitor E1/T1 and/or E3/T3 interfaces
  • Visibility to the DS0 timeslot level
  • Lossless interception of multi-protocol data
  • Aggregation to optimize efficiency of downstream tools
  • WAN to LAN media translation
  • Automated network auto-discovery
  • Precise traffic targeting
  • Comprehensive traffic steering capabilities
  • Metadata insertion
  • WAN bypass