Falco and Iris

TDM Groomer

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Falco and Iris provides STM-1 and E1 matrix swiches to interface PDH/SDH-SONET backbones with different monitoring equipments. Falco and Iris groomers combine several network access technologies and are available in the following versions:

  • E1 input to E1 output
  • STM-1 input to E1 output
  • E1 input to STM-1 output
  • STM-1 input to STM-1 output

Technical Specifications

I-310E, I-360E E1 E1
F-330B STM-1 E1
F-330C E1 STM-1
F-330D STM-1 STM-1
Depending on the model the following features are available:
  • High Density Groomer: extracts DS0 and VC12 channel from multiple E1 or STM-1 (input) and delivers them to multiple STM-1 or E1 ports (output).
  • Broadband Filter: extracts desired VPI/VCI from E1 or STM-1 (input) and delivers to STM-1 or E1 (output).
  • Supports IMA, Inverse Multiplexing for ATM.
  • Constant Monitoring with APS: supports APS (Automatic Protection Switching): if one or more active links fail, the monitoring equipment continues to receive data from a protected link (redundant links are often deployed to provide fault tolerance).