P-Series OptiCop Converger
Test and monitoring access for high-speed Packet Over SDH
  • Load balancing to overcome tool limitations
  • Interface conversions to leverage existing tools
  • Multi-layer filtering to access only data of interest
  • Remote monitoring and tool sharing to reduce CAPEX

The OptiCop Converger family of monitoring access optimizers provides out-of-band, high bandwidth, any-to-any data monitoring access for legacy and converged networks in Carrier, Enterprise, and Government applications. The non-intrusive access optimizes tool port usage and enables network operators to implement management and assurance strategies related to the overall performance of the services being delivered, without degrading the service or distorting the results. While the main features and functions are the same across all OptiCop Convergers, each series within the family supports different transport technologies and line speed.

As transport networks continue to break speed barriers and convergence of traffic migrates from circuit to packet, network operators face new challenges in monitoring the services being provided. While Packet Over SDH (POS) and Generic Framing Procedure (GFP) enable operators and users to more flexibly and efficiently utilize network bandwidth by converging services, each service needs to be measured independently relative to the expectations of the customer. OptiCop Converger and its Hybrid Inspection Technology (HIT) provide a means to leverage existing investments in test and monitoring tools.

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