Netscout Spectra2 SE 2

An Intuitive Test Solution for Lab and Production Networks

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The Spectra2|SE² software-only test solution provides carriers and equipment manufacturers with multi-user portable low-cost signaling and media testing for both the lab and the production network.

Key Features

Spectra2|SE² supports five basic pillars of network testing:

  • Functional Testing for the purpose of proving the functions and features of a network.
  • Load / Stress / Performance Testing to validate network capacity and performance.
  • Negative Testing for the purpose of ensuring that the network can survive protocol errors or malicious attacks.
  • Media Quality Assurance to prove the quality of Audio, Video, and other sources of media.
  • Automation to ensure that testing and regression cycles are as efficient as possible.
  • Production and Lab Network Applications
  • LTE, IMS, VoIP, PSTN Protocol Support
  • RTP Media with POLQA
  • PCAP (Wireshark) import Automated Test Case creation
  • Simultaneous multi-protocol testing
  • Multiple simultaneous element simulation
  • Millions of user agents
  • Thousands of calls per second
  • Thousands of RTP streams
  • Schedule automated test execution
  • API for 3rd party test harness support
  • SNMP Alarming
  • Run-time message manipulation
  • Built-in protocol message libraries
  • Built-in conformance test suites
  • Configurable automated message responses
  • Programmable logic
  • User-defined event counters and timers
  • Commercial Off-the-shelf hardware
  • VM Environment Compatible
  • Laptop portability
  • Multi-user