Mobile Network Emulators, Load & Performance Testers
Mobile Network Emulators, Load & Performance Testers

ng4T tools and expertise reduce time-to-market and ensure a smooth integration of new network nodes and telecommunication services. ng4T is your partner for validation of network protocols and procedures including identity management, authentication and ciphering.

The network emulator NG40 is a hardware independent product with unmatched scalability and performance.

  • Protocol stack verification for smartphones and chipsets
  • Femto cells and macro cells
  • Core network verification
  • Network monitoring and DPI-engine verification
  • Mobile cloud vulnerability analysis
  • Network virtualization
  • 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G & IOT Solutions
  • Accelerates your development and rollout process

NG40 as HLR/HSS Emulator – Product Capabilities

NG40 can act as a stand-alone HLR (NG40–HLR-EIR for MAP), as a stand-alone HSS (NG40–HSS-EIR for DIAMETER) or as a combined solution. A combined HLR/HSS emulator is useful for the concurrent simulation of 2G, 3G and 4G subscribers, e.g. for 2G/3G/4G handover tests and for the verification of 2G/3G fallback scenarios.  

NG40 as HLR/HSS Nodal Emulator and Nodal Tester

NG40 can simulate the functionality of MME, SGSN and MSC for HLR / HSS verification. Besides, NG40 can replace real subscriber database(s) and generate all relevant protocol messages towards MME, SGSN and MSC (Devices Under Test). NG40 generates MAP messages for the communication from/to HLR and DIAMETER messages for the communication from/to HSS. For legacy reasons it is also possible to equip the NG40 server with SANGOMA E1/T1 interface cards and to test over the MTP protocol stack as depicted above.  

UE and eRAN verification with NG40-EPC

The NG40-EPC test system provides fully 3GPP compliant S1 and S1-U interfaces. NG40-EPC works with eNBs (LTE Macro cells) and Home eNB's (LTE Femto cells). A build-in Home eNB Gateway for Home eNB aggregation and traffic tunneling is supported as well. Thus, user can choose between internal and external Home eNB Gateway or to omit it completely. Versatile testing tool due to the concurrent support of GPRS, UMTS and LTE procedures: Not only 4G Handovers, like Intra- and Inter-eNB handover, but also Fallback Scenarios can be verified. NG40 emulates up to 500 EPC with unique PLMN-ID; precondition for complex Roaming Tests. IT-Security: Traffic generation including message distortion makes it possible to stimulate abnormal conditions like the presence of fraudulent subscribers or manipulated network nodes. NG40 supports virtually all cipher and integrity protection mechanisms as specified in 3GPP 33.401. Application Development: With S1/Gi-Bridging any application server can be connected to the test system. This allows to verify what impact mobile conditions to the user application have.

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