OctoScope OB-COOL

Cool/Hot air injection

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OB-COOL is a simple system for either cooling or heating the temperature inside the octoBox by injecting cold or hot air into the fan inlet as the fan blows the air into the octoBox. When testing devices that dissipate a lot of power, sometimes cooling may be desirable to keep the temperature inside the octoBox at a reasonable level.

An off-the-shelf popular spot-cooler, Tripp Lite SRCOOL12K, normally used for cooling server racks, or any other cooler or heater can be used to blow temperature controlled air into the octoBox via the OB-COOL magnetically mounted attachment.

A custom attachment for the Tripp Lite spot cooler is also available. The Tripp Lite cooler normally comes with an inflexible hose that may be difficult to manage. The OB-AIRHOSE adapter allows you to connect an off-the-shelf air duct to the Tripp Lite.

  • Temperature control for OctoBox