High density 100G+ visibility
High density 100G+ visibility
The OMX3200 offers a scalable packet processing node that enables seamless migration to 100G network monitoring architectures for helping SecOps and NetOps teams keep up with the constant growth in network traffic. The OMX3200’s modular 1U design provides deep visibility for up to 3.2Tbps of advanced traffic handling.

Increased network traffic being driven by the rise of mobility, IoT and cloud computing is causing major challenges for the network monitoring and cyber intelligence communities.

Network security and mass surveillance applications require deep network traffic visibility in order to identify threats and minimize network vulnerabilities. Standard network visibility solutions using x86 platforms and white box switches cannot keep up with blazing transport speeds as networks transition to 100G+ interfaces carrying traffic with deep IP protocol stacks. Programmable HW-based processing is required for packet optimization and metadata generation, effectively offloading the downstream traffic visibility tools.

The OMX3200 leverages the latest in FPGA technology to deliver a modular, high-density packet processing platform for visibility across 100G+, 40G and 10G Ethernet and OTN networks. The OMX utilizes advanced algorithms to remove transport protocols and generate flow-level metadata while filtering out unnecessary traffic so that IP packets of interest are optimally delivered to the appropriate downstream tools for further analysis.

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  • Header Stripping – Mass removal of VLAN tags and MPLS labels
  • IP De-tunneling – Access inner IP packets by removing multiple layers of IP tunnels including GTP, GRE and IP-in-IP
  • Advanced Traffic Filtering
  • WAN Access – Support for OTN and coherent network interfaces
  • Packet Slicing
  • Port Tagging, MAC Replacement
  • Traffic Aggregation
  • Flow-level metadata generation
  • Optimize tool utilization by processing network headers and optical transport protocols
  • Improve visibility solutions by only passing traffic of interest
  • Offload advanced packet processing functions from costly network packet broker solutions
  • Enable migration to cost effective white box monitoring switches