Paragon Pathfinder

SDN control optimises provisioning and management of segment routing and IP/MPLS paths, for exceptional user experiences.
  • Complex Interdomain path-computation and network optimisation
  • Sophisticated industry-leading path computation algorithms
  • Ability to address multilayer optimisation with multiple user-defined constraints
  • Intelligent interface between RSVP-TE networks and SR-enabled networks
  • Customisable display includes ability to rearrange fields and create node, link, LSP, or SRLG views

Paragon Pathfinder is a cloud-native controller that simplifies traffic engineering, making it easier for you to leverage benefits provided by transport service paths, such as MPLS/RSVP, segment routing, and network slicing.

It enables your operations team to more efficiently manage strict transport service SLAs through automated planning, provisioning, proactive monitoring, and optimization of large traffic loads dynamically, based on user-defined constraints. With this automation, operators can run their networks “hotter” while achieving predictability, resiliency, and service-level guarantees in service provider, cloud provider, and large enterprise networks.

Paragon Pathfinder provides you with granular visibility into network traffic flows and optimizes network capacity through closed-loop automation. It monitors your network in real time, gathering streaming telemetry, topology data from Netflow, IGP and BGP-LS from the network, and analyzing the data to provision new service paths based on user-defined SLA constraints.

The Paragon Pathfinder GUI gives you a single view of your network and its KPIs, enabling you to control and manage network capacity dynamically.

  • Manage, monitor, and provision segment routing and IP/MPLS paths in real time.
  • View live network topology maps that show node status, link utilization, segment routing paths, and label-switched paths (LSPs).
  • Automate the discovery of nodes, links, and paths from the network.
  • Create or schedule maintenance events to re-route traffic when issues arise.

Paragon Pathfinder is cloud native, providing flexible deployment options across private data centers, and private and public clouds. Its node clusters can be distributed across one or more data centers for a highly available, redundant, scale-out architecture that can meet your growing business needs.

It monitors and displays multiple network domains, providing a transport network view to help you manage interdomain traffic engineering and network slicing. It can also help simplify your migration to segment routing by allowing you to run multiple control planes over the same infrastructure at the same time. With support for Representational State Transfer (REST) APIs, Paragon Pathfinder can easily integrate into your operations environment.

Network OptimisationProvides complex interdomain path computation and network optimization services with sophisticated, industry-leading algorithms.
Path Ordering and SynchronisationProvides specific path ordering and synchronization using signaling across routed network elements.
Global Network ViewAllows comprehensive monitoring, management, and proactive planning with a global view of network state.
Predictable, Deterministic Network StateHelps you conduct demand forecasts by calculating predictable, deterministic network state within a small margin of error.
Cloud-Native PlatformProvides deployment flexibility, supporting VMs and containers across private data centers and public or private clouds with a highly available, highly redundant, scale-out architecture.
Network SlicingPlays a key role in orchestrating transport network slicing required for 5G networks.
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