Paragon Planner

Network modeling tool for offline visualisation and detailed architectural planning
  • Integrated, dynamic solution for full multilayer, multidomain service life-cycle management—Combined service activation testing, quality monitoring, and troubleshooting provide fully orchestrated assurance.
  • Virtualized and cloud-ready—Flexible deployment and elastic scaling on all major modern virtualization platforms allows you to start small and scale.
  • Easy to get started—Software-only and hosted components allow for smooth introduction, enable immediate use, and bring instant value.
  • Automation through well-documented complete API—Simple integration of fulfillment and assurance workflows eliminates manual work and reduces cost of complex integration.

Paragon Planner (formerly NorthStar Planner) is a cloud-native modeling tool you can use for offline visualization and detailed architectural planning of your production network. It enables you to forecast the impact of network changes such as latency, additional traffic, shifts in traffic flows, and new capacity or services.

Its intuitive graphical interface provides concise and in-depth views of routed networks, helping you optimize bandwidth and network resources. You can also model and visualize dynamic or explicit routing paths, designed to meet end-user defined constraints, using Paragon Planner’s global network topological view.

By collecting data through dynamic-topology or label-switched path (LSP) data acquisition, Paragon Planner can generate a graphical view of your network, enabling you to add, remove, and reconfigure network elements or links. You can simulate the effects of these changes and other traffic scenarios in Planner, without affecting your production network. Simulations can be run on demand or scheduled, to help assess your network for potential failure scenarios.

Paragon Planner offers additional network modeling capabilities.

  • Hardware inventory management
  • Network capacity monitoring
  • Compliance assessments
  • Network design

Paragon Planner’s built-in report manager provides extensive reports you can use for network planning. The reports also detail simulation outcomes, information that’s key in helping you optimize your network.

Paragon Planner is cloud native, with flexible deployment options across private data centers, and private and public clouds. Its node clusters can be distributed across one or more data centers for a highly available, redundant, scale-out architecture that can meet your growing business needs.

Network Resource ManagementIdentifies and catalogs network infrastructure devices. Collects and manages LSP data and provides health audits of your network.
Network ModelingSimulates scenarios through network models and predicts outcomes. Can also run a service-level topology view of SLA fulfillment.
Failure AnalysisOffers extensive failure simulation capabilities, beyond single-failure and what-if analysis.
Cloud-Native PlatformProvides deployment flexibility, supporting VMs and containers across private data centers and public or private clouds with a highly available, highly redundant, scale-out architecture.
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