Polystar Kalix

Enabling a customer-centric approach

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The need to discover and act on new information is growing in urgency. Not only do CSPs need to be able to uncover insights from their network in real-time, they also need to be able to act faster, and implement changes and adaptations within days or hours, not months, based on objective information from their networks.

Polystar leads the market in enabling CSPs to increase agility, reduce time to action and accelerate decision-making process.

With KALIX, a new addition to the Polystar product portfolio, Polystar is taking the next step in helping CSPs to improve customer experience, optimise network efficiency and become more customer-centric.

Key Features

Agile Data Visualisation

KALIX enables agile visualisation of data. Reports are dynamic – every data point is clickable and every click reveals a new set of data the user can analyse. KALIX offers intuitive work-flows, the ability to interact with live data, run ad-hoc analyses, build reports, share and collaborate.

KALIX delivers metrics that really matter, giving operators essential, on-the-spot visibility of network, customer and service performance that, in turn, enable CSPs to deliver better Customer Experience and running their networks in a most efficient manner.

  • Highlight and identify in real-time users affected by network or service issues
  • Allow every employee to make customer-driven decisions, transforming the efficiency and effectiveness of entire organisations
  • Empower users with relevant metrics optimised for their needs
  • Enable different teams to create a data platform that everyone in your organisation can use, explore and rely on