Polystar OSIX Monitoring

Tracing applications for superior network performance

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Advanced, real-time network tracing and troubleshooting capabilities are essential to maintain a first-class customer experience and to proactively prevent network and service quality degradation.

Polystar’s OSIX Monitoring product enables Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to be one step ahead, by detecting and resolving network issues or poor performance before end-customers are affected. It helps CSPs to increase QoS and customer experience by means of preventive and accurate error detection and fast resolution.

Key Features


OSIX Monitoring helps CSPs optimise the availability of network resources. It can be deployed in any network and includes support for LTE and VoLTE, as well as legacy technologies, such as SS7. OSIX Monitoring can monitor every transaction in 2G, 3G, and LTE / VoLTE networks simultaneously, correlating data from different domains to create a complete, end-to-end status view.

OSIX Monitoring provides extensive support and tools for operations and support organisations. Network activity monitoring is performed in real-time, so that immediate and efficient resolution can be achieved in the event of problem detection. This is enabled by the solution’s advanced troubleshooting capabilities, including drill-down to the lowest protocol and message level. In addition, the solution is capable of upgrade to 100 GE interfaces.

  • Early detection combined with proactive management of assets results in rapid and accurate resolution of network performance and service issues, protecting revenue and delivering improved customer experience.
  • Unique drill-down capabilities allow detailed analysis to be performed on events such as calls, session and protocol messages, including the retrieval of historic data.
  • Obtain access to all control and user plane data across any network technology for network-wide troubleshooting and root-cause analysis in real time or historically, including multiprotocol correlation, fully integrated DPI capabilities and search facilities.
  • Record packet streams with the ability to store large amounts of user plane data for offline analysis.