ProfiTAP 10G Copper TAPs
10G copper network visibility.
  • Non-intrusive in-line monitoring
  • No packet loss, no point of failure
  • Fail-safe monitoring
  • Monitoring of all 7 OSI layers
  • Supports link failure propagation (LFP)
  • Monitor SFP+ ports support SR, LR, and Copper modules, and passive Twinax cables
  • Fully 802.3af, VoIP, and PoE compliant
  • Redundant powering

Our 10GBASE-T TAP provides a complete, non-intrusive monitoring of your 10M/100M/1G/10G networks. A highly efficient Gigabit Ethernet TAP, it copies your entire traffic and sends it to the monitoring devices.

Profitap 10G Copper TAP (patent pending) is non-intrusive, has no IP address, and isolates monitoring devices from the network. It does all of that to ensure complete stability and security.

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